" Here, let me move these off the hook so you can hang him way in the back"

"It's a good thing I had just bought some eyeliner, You glued the package so carefully no one would suspect it had ever been opened!"

"Yep, he looks like the real thing in there, I'll bet he's going to hang on this peg for weeks till some chick buys him"

"GOOD!, then he'll have plenty of time to think about how he dated us both at the same time! I hope he feels remorse before he gets all used up"

"Who cares! The thought of our ex boyfreind serving a woman to the point of extinction and living his last weeks laying with all the other girly crap she carries in her purse..well, It's gonna keep a smile on my face!"

"LOL! you are SO evil!"

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justin bieber said...

i don know what u mean