"There you are Steve, after a lifetime growing into a man you make a wish and POOF! You know, a wedding dress is the most super fem, super girly garment we women can wear. Dresses like you cost thousands! They make we girls into beautiful princesses on the magical day of our weddings... and then they spend the rest of their existance closed inside a garment bag hung in the back of the least used closet in the house. Enjoy your time in this shop, and enjoy the wedding day..I hope you dont have claustrophobia.. GIGGLE!"

"No Tim, you cant watch TV ... your a high heeled shoe dear, not a person. This is your place now here in my closet with the rest of my things."
"But it's so dull when I'm not on your foot.. could'nt you wear me for a little while?"
"Someones forgot who the mistress of the house is..I'm sorry Timmy but Im afraid it's a month in a shoebox for you.."
"Im sorry but you need a long lesson in what it is to be a lowly womans shoe.. it's for your own good."
"Well boys, my work is done- 4 transformations, 4 of you riding here to this store in my largest purse, and now 4 of you hanging side by side here in this dressing room. I'm going to leave now, Dont worry, it wont be long till a salesgirl comes along and puts you out on the racks...enjoy being pretty little dresses"

"Good luck Batepas, I'm sure that life as a red stiletto will be different than life as a guy.. Youre so pretty now, so dainty and girly.. I'm sure you wont be here in this store long, some girl is going to buy you for sure."
"One of these bra's was Kja before we changed him...hmmmmmmm...I cant remember which one he was...hmmmmmmm..I guess it doesnt matter, I mean, It's not like I was ever going to change him back.. right?"
" A fine addition to my collection, here's your new home!"
"I was right! These shoes just needed cleaning, Giggle! - What a score!

"Not all girly things are clothing, I mean, look at you now..
a cute little purse dog! I think Ill call you DAISY! "

"It's your own fault you JERK! If i hadnt heard you bragging to your freinds how you had me wrapped around your finger- you would'nt be spending the rest of your life wrapped around my wrist, and honestly? youre a much better bracelet then you were a boyfreind!"
"Ohhhh, listen! I think he's crying! giggle! Poor widdle Dave doesnt want to be a girly widdle handbag????...As if you had a choice Davey!