Sorry everyone, I thought you all could see the poll results!

The winner was:

1. PANTIES with 265 votes
2. BRA with 220 votes
3. STOCKINGS with 201 votes
4. DRESS with 180 votes
5. SHOES with 167 votes
6. HANDBAG with 111 votes
7. MAKEUP with 95 votes
8. OTHER with 67 votes.

Thanks to all who voted, Ive tried to make some changes on the BLOG already- the Bra banner, the Dress youtube postings and I've got series of caps coming Im going to call "PANTY FEST".
Keep an eye out for them!

it takes a sec till they get to the segment.

Which one are YOU?

This could be YOU!

".... Wha????? Oh my gosh!
She did it!.....
Wait!, No Marissa, don't close the drawer! ...
Let me talk to you...
I'm sorry I hurt you...
don't leave me this way!"