you were changed into her purse, and she's taken you to work and this is your point of view!!
Poor Boy!

A Woman and Her Purse

How To Apply Lipstick

Serve her, bit by bit. Here are the tools that will help to wear you away slowly while spending your spare time living in her purse.

"It doesnt matter how much you beg,
As far as I'm concerned, you've ALWAYS
been a denim mini skirt-
you were NEVER my cheating husband."
OMG! If I dont remember those stupid magic words
Eric will be trapped as the cocktail dress I wore last night ...forever!
...Not that that's a bad thing.
Just Perfect!
John will never know I lost one of the Diamond earrings he gave me ,
At least not while his best buddy Tim is under my spell
and held in the dainty little form.

High Heels

OMG! and where are you in this closet?