I love suede but your patent leather boots are to die for!
Where did you get them?
They just appeared at my door one day-
they re made by a company called "Pilo"-
that's what the label on the insole says anyway.
Are they comfy?
Are you kidding? I never want to take them off!

"Gosh! You changed my ex boyfreind Josh
AND you gift wraped him for me?
This coven is the BEST!"

"youre just making me mad Paul..
There's no place for a little lipstick to hide in a purse this size,
I'm going to find you and when I do..."

Being her Bra was really exciting those first days...

Seven months in and I think she's forgotten I was a man.

Im just another Bra to her now..

she never talks to me or treats me any differently than these ordinary bras..

I guess thats all I am now..

womans underwear..


It feels as if someones toes
are hanging out of my mouths..
What's going on?
Why do I feel like I'm in two places at once?"

"... What the hell!... What are you doing??"
"Shut Up SHOE!
You can't be your prettiest
unless your shiny
and it takes elbow grease
to make a girly little shoe like you shine"
"But I dont want to be a shoe.."
"Tuff, you're a shoe and thats all there is to it"

"I'm sorry it had to be this way,
I would of much rather of had you be my boyfreind .
If I cant have you as my love,
then I'll take you as my SHOES."