Squid Made her first movie!
BTW? She's talking to YOU!

"No! My three wishes weren't for THIS!
I asked for such humble things!
to never have to worry about money again-
To have a room with a view,
and to belong heart and soul to a beautiful sensitive woman....
and to

I swear Anthony,
you had better stop crying before the stewardess hears you
and realizes you're my boyfriend and not just a normal purse!
But this is so HUMILIATING Brenda,
You carried me through the airport hanging on your arm,
That's how women carry purses
You stuffed me full of your belongings- I'm carrying your TAMPONS!
Where else am I supposed to put them?
I'm riding stowed under a seat!
You're lucky I didn't pack you in my suitcase!
I'm warning you- keep being a wuss
and I'm going to dump you in the first good will bin I see!

My God! Is that Amy?
It's so hard to tell from this angle.
People are all so huge..
Ugh! the ground is so hard and she is so heavy!
But...this feels so good..
Somehow she did it!
She turned me into one of her shoes...
I'm her shoe and she's wearing me!

What don't you understand?
I'm taking our picture
here in this store dressing room
so that I can always remember
what you looked like after
I changed you into a dress.
But you could always
change me into this dress if you wanted-
that's what I love about being married to a witch!
That's just it Greg,
I hate being married to you
so Ive decided to leave you this way.
I'm going to take you off, hang you up
and leave you here in this shop.
From now on you're merchandise.
No! I don't want to be sold to another woman!
I don't want to be a dress forever!
I donnmmnnn MMpphhhh! Mmmpphhhh!!! M!
Good bye Greg. Do try to be a good dress alright?