Tara looked away from Vincent
who hugged her foot the way any well made high heeled shoe would.
Pursing her lips, she contemplated the other men in her life
who had done her wrong.
Now that she had graduated from the sorceress academy
life was going to be interesting.
"I'd much rather you be out here walking with me
but I suppose that you'll be safer inside my purse..
Tell me again?....
Why did you want to change into one of my Lipsticks?"
My God!
Better Than Anything Before..
When will she pull me back up?


" See what I mean Ellen?"

"Totally! Dave is really working as a BRA!"

"Yep, no more slacking off for Dave."

"I wish I could change my boyfriend into a Bra for a few days!"

"Just a few Days? I'm going to leave Dave this way forever!"