"At first it would be fun to indulge him in his fantasy, I chanted the spell he found and then picked him up and put him on..But it's really kind of creepy!"


"I can hear him moaning in my head, the description of the spell said that since i cast it, I would have a telepahic link with him as long as I wore him...he's so into this, he isnt paying any attention to my thoughts at all"


"Thats it! If he likes this so much he can just stay this way! I will never want him as a boyfreind after this experience!...No, Im going to take him off and drop him in the next good will bin i see. Let him be some other girls top".

"Help! Lisa! come back! This chick is really looking me over, checking out the stupid price tag you stuck on me!"
I think she's going to -GULP!- buy me!"

"Please Lisa, come out from where your hiding and tell her this is a misteak!"

"I dont want to be her BRA!" I dont want to be anyones BRA!"


"two months of just hanging in the closet, stuck between other dresses, dangeling above all those shoes".

"Two months of knowing my human life is over -sob!- and that my new purpose is to show off her body"

"two months of waiting and i see that she intends to wear me tonight..and she has no idea that Once I Was A Man"

"-sob!- the part of being human i miss most is the part that knew that eventually i would die!"

"Beautiful party dresses like me...girls take special care of..her daughter might wear me 20 years from now!" -Sob!- "20 years...In this closet!"

"Ahhhhhhhh! Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"What's the mater hon? Lipstick boy not liking his new place in the world? Hmmmmm?

They were bitchin and moanin about how much they hated being my shoes so I gave them something to really moan about!

Up and down the tile steps 50 times! Now my feet are good and sweaty and they took a real beating!

And thanks to my endurance potion I am still fresh as a daisy!

Being a witch is the absolute BEST!

"AWWWWWWW....does the big bad man not like being folded up and placed in a stack with my other sweaters?"


"Sweety, youre a sweater now, and in another hour or so you'll loose your ability to speak ...dont let your last words be hasty ones, The only way you leave this closet is on me..or in a trash bag!"

"He's trying to get away!" "I can feel him squirming around, trying to get off my foot!"

"I'd like to know where he thinks he's going to go if he did get off your foot"

"Really...he'd still be a size six pump on or off my foot...that's not going to change"

"HA! Guy's are such idiots!"

"It's either my foot or my closet- that's his life now"

"It would serve him right if you marched out of here and found some dog doo to step in"


OK. the game is:

One of the outfits here is your Boss, I used magic to transform him. You have a one in three chance of guessing. Green, Yellow or Red.

If you guess I change him back, if you dont,he hangs in the womens department till he's sold.

"Oh who cares! Lets just get out of here! I am so over this mall!"

Dont be silly Deena! He may have been a person, and he may be concious of everything were saying and doing.. but the spell you read changed him into a purse!

He's nothing more than a handbag. He may be alive, but he's a bag...and thats exactly how I'm going to treat him..it.

Lets moon him!

Oh Deena! youre a nut!

Are you enjoying the afternoon as my Bikini bottom?

I know I'm enjoying wearing you, especially when those two guys came over and i flirted with them right in front of you!

Its a shame i get to the beach so rarely, it will probably be next summer till i come back. Hope your still in style next year, or it's the good will bin for you!

"Hey, fellas...One of you was named Tommy...Right?"

"I thought you'd like to know that the girl you used to date?..Well I just passed her and the rest of her wedding party at the church on my way home. Yep! shes getting married! Guess she gave up on waiting for you.

"It's a good thing too, cause your never getting out of that drawer!"

"Oh no...I didnt mean a sweater that I'd wear myself silly! You're going to be a sweater for one of the dolls !"
"This way I know you will always be safe and always look beautiful."
"I know you never really understood the hundreds of dolls i keep around the house in glass cases, but now that your part of the collection you will have lots and lots of time to think about it".
"Gosh! you make that doll look so pretty!"
"I can't wait to show you to my new boyfreind when he arrives...and if he doesnt understand, well, there's always room for one more!"
"Todd looks so cute strapped to my foot!"

"And then the magician said the words and his wand thingy just burst into flame! He looked lost! "

"He apologized up and down, took my number and handed Jim to me, He said he was going to get to the bottom of what went wrong, and that he would be in touch soon."

" And Jim is still a BRA! A pretty Pink BRA ... that looks like it's my size, and if I wanted too I could just change my phone number..."

Captions by the caption master himself... JMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I'm just lying here, a pink shoe in a pile of other shoes..it's getting so hard to remember what it was like before..I had a Job, a wife...so long ago.

Belonging to Janice was difficult to accept...loosing my humanity and having no one suspect that once i was a man..i spent hours contemplating it.

Existence as a shoe isnt all that bad i guess, still.. I hope one day the spell is broken"

Maybe I just like you better this way. Here, in my hand. Now I always know where you are and whenever I look at my nails I can just laugh and remeber how helpful you've become!
I may even get sad when your bottle runs out of polish and I have to throw you in the trash, but then you proved you were garbage when you cheated on me ..didnt you ?
It was all I could do to keep from laughing when I ran into that slut you were two timing me with. She went on and on about how pretty my nails were..and you were sitting in my purse the entire time! She never suspected!

"Unlike a relationship, Sorcery can shape your man to be a perfect fit. Try a transformation spell today!"

Blonde- Excuse me miss, I've come to pick up my husband, I've decided he's been here long enough and that he's learned his lesson.

Brunette- Im sorry madame but we have a strict no return policy.

Blonde-But I have his reciept right here, now if you will just change him back, we can be on our way.

Brunette- Im sorry Madame but once we transform someone into one of our shoes they become our work of art, our property.

Blonde- But...

Brunette- I do know of a way you can be together, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a gold pump? I could have you two reunited and in a shoebox ready to be sold in just a few moments!

Blonde- No, thats ok. - sigh - I dont suppose you have any purses he would match?
.... "And thats what you get for pissing off your witch girlfreind- I ride in first class and you ride back in my suitcase...jerk!
Let's hope the airline doesnt loose my bag ..If i dont change you back before midnight...let's just say my suitcase will become your prefered way of travel">>giggle!

I dont care if you beg me or offer me money! Your my wallet now and that pink pocketbook IS your home! And while I'm at it..... FETABNUARISH GARRRT!!!!! there! No more power of speach. Maybe that will make it easier to accept your pretty little girly wallet status. Zip!


Good Job Hun! You've really perfected that morphing spell.!

Oh, and I know I said I'd kiss you so you could change back....and I will...Just not right now. OK?

My dates going to be here any second and...HEY! WHY DON'T I WEAR YOU? I mean you're such a sexy bra now...you don't mind do you?

"Quiet down in there!"

The problem with turning people into objects is that they always find it so hard to let go of their old lives and accept their new existence.
My old boyfreind Scott - He just cant get it through his head that from now on he's my Hair brush.
He keeps pleading with me to change him back-it's so annoying!

I'd magicly take away his voice..but secretly I enjoy hearing his little hair brush voice beg me.

Every time I open my purse and see him in there with the rest of my things- I get a thrill. He's staying with me forever and theres nothing he can do about it!

LADY MISS FLOWER strikes again!

I dont care if you hate being my shoe and want to change back. The fact is you are a shoe and I am the woman who owns you- DEAL WITH IT!

Break times over.

There you go! All clean and set for the night. I hope you enjoyed the pantyhose experience today...because it's how you're spending the rest of your life! And since I plan on wearing you everyday, your life will probably last a week or so.

You were such an awful guy! So weak and snively, never a date..ever.

Face it, you make a really pretty dress! Im sure I can sell you ..if you let me.

Tell you what, if you want me to change you back to the little weakling you were raise your hand! LOL!

Let me get my price gun!.. You're not going to regret this!

You said..

"You've been taking that sorcery class, We could fly to Europe for half the price if you changed me into something and carried me on board".

Unfortunatley I cant remember the counter spell So you're taking the place of my favorite wallet till I figure out how to change you back.

Can you see anything from in there?


You better hope all those stories about Parisian purse snatchers and pick pockets arent true. I mean a girl like me, all alone, without my idiot boy freind...I am such a target!

Maybe I can find a REAL man to take me to dinner!

Thomas wanted to gasp when he saw his own reflection but he wasnt able too. He really couldnt do anything but be at the mercy of the giant foot he was now wraped around.

Once a brilliant chemical engineer, now a lowley womans shoe.. he would never underestimate the ambition of another chemist working her way up the corporate ladder. he had realised too late that the coffee she brought him tasted funny..and seconds later she was placing him in a shoe box with another real shoe..and now he was at this ladies shoe store feeling what it was like to be tried on...while his rival took over his job.

"Awwwww! Look at you sitting in the hamper with the rest of my smelly laundry, You look just like a real Bra".

"Hope you enjoy the washing machine, I wash my whites in hot water and use bleach...but what am i telling you for? It's not like you have any say in the matter, you're just part of a girls laundry".

"Utterly helpless...thats the way i like you- mine to do with as I please"

Goodness! I know I turned him into one of my shoes...but which one??

If I dont remember within the next hour I wont be able to change him back!

Why do I practice magic when i get drunk??

"The handbag department is this way... Whats that?, Oh ! sorry I should have told you, I've changed you into a dainty little purse!"
"Dont be mad at me -Handbag Boy-You're the one who said he wanted an easy job where you would'nt have to work much and could hang around with girls all day".
"Just accept it, some girl is going to own you and theres nothing you can do about it",

I never said i would turn you into "MY" bra! I just said I'd turn you into "A" bra... and so I have. I hope you enjoyed the ride to the store, I'd have put you on the passenger seat but seeing how youre a bra, I thought folding you up and putting you in my bag was a more appropriate place. Hope my wallet and cosmetics case didnt bump you too much.
Isnt it amazing how lucky weve been? Nobody noticed me slipping you on to a hanger and putting you up on this rack with all the other bras for sale . You look just as pretty as all these others ..and so I guess this is good bye! Enjoy your new place in the world, I'm sure your going to make some girl very happy!

"Look, Mike is still here!"

"How did you like spending the night in the shoe store Mikey?"

"Don't worry , Some girl is going to come along and buy you any day now, Youre basic black..and that goes with everything!"

.."Oh, dont be silly! Who ever heard of a shoe wanting to be turned back into a cheating boy freind?..just enjoy your new life ok?