....No!, I cant give up!
I'm a man, an accomplished scientist!
Must.. Think!
Jeez professor Warren, Chill out!
It's going to be at least another half hour
before you loose your ability to speak,
just try to accept that you're a pair of my panties OK?

High Fashion Handbags Patent Leather Pleated Hobo

Giantess Kim as a teacher

OMG! great POV from inside her shoe!

"Ohhh.... There she is...
MONICA! it's me, you're boyfriend Ricky!
Sigh... she cant hear me,
she doesn't know her friend Cindy
changed me into a copy of your lipstick
and then GULP!
switched me with the one in your purse...."

"I really should have gone with my gut feeling and just thrown you away!
You were a really awful boss Mister Reed
but you're an even more awful shoe!
So painful! So..Ugly!
Forget about making you serve me as my footwear-
when we get home, It's the dumpster for you!"

"The bright side.... think of the bright side...No more work..
No more responsibility..
I just have to make her look pretty,
because I am pretty..
I'm a frilly pink top with sparkles!
I get to hold the mistresses breasts all day..
when she wears me."

"..... Ughhhhhh! I... I Cant belive it... Still stuck as this coed's top... Why did I try to shoplift from that store... How could I have known that sales girl... a witch... took my humanity... this girl OWNS me now... I am just one of her things in this mess...."

"Well Edgar, you wussy, I guess this is goodbye.
I'm sorry that I wasn't exciting enough for you
and I'm glad my magic powers could grant you your fondest wish-
I'm just surprised you wanted to become a DRESS!
I know you wanted to be my dress,
but that would just be too painful for me so..
I've decided to leave you here in this store
where some other woman will buy you and enjoy wearing you."

"Gina! You were supposed to change Mister Polster into that
dress hours ago! He's still wiggeling!"
"I'm sorry Anne and Heather, I had trouble getting him alone and
then the incantation took a while to recite"
"Dont apologise to us- You're the one who has to make it through the night wearing him!"

"OMG Shelly! I can hear Brad moaning.... I did'nt think a Bra could make a noise like that!"
Guy to My Bra
Guy to My Bra by Squidonhead