Tina dozes and dreams of the day school will be over.
If she's mastered the 1500 spells taught at the academy
she will be a full fledged witch!

"Brace yourself Donald, I think Amanda is coming this way
"I'm so excited! Thanks Sophie for changing me into A chair for Amanda to sit on!"
"It's not my usual kind of transformation but once you told me
it was so you could be used by women...
the coven granted permission"
"Being a chair is wild!
I cant wait till this is over so I can write about the experience on my blog..."
"Write?... Donald, the change is PERMANENT.
You'd better get used to being FURNITURE cause there's no going back."

"You BEGGED me to change you into something Girlie
and I needed a second sparkly butterfly clip for my hair...
what are you complaining about?"

"... But you said I'd just be a polka dot top for a little while...
... You said you'd change me back right away...
... You said thmmmmmmphhh! Phhh! ..........."

"Amy, this joke has gone far enough!
You've had your fun.
Now for god's sake,
lift me up out of this box,
away from that giant shoe
change me back!"
"You're such a bossy little shoe"
"Man! I'm a Man and you know it!"
"Not from where I'm looking-
tell you what wussy, why don't I just cover
you're little shoe box home with the lid
and give you some alone time
to appreciate you're place in life little shoe?"

"OMG! If that's my pink satin bra there in the dresser drawer
then WHOSE this holding up my breasts right now?

"Think of it as poetic justice George-
"Boyfriend who hurts,
Turns into SKIRT!"
Now you can never hurt me, or any other woman again!"

Ben found it becoming harder and harder to complete a thought..
he was writing Squid a message asking for more pantie posts
and then he was on the floor, in a room he had never seen before
looking up at a woman.. a GIANT woman
who didn't pay him any notice..
What had happened?
Where was he?
What was going on?

Girls Gone Styled Ep. 1: Handbags with Rebecca Minkoff

"Remember Paco- I let you be my hoodie
and I even agreed to wear you
as long as you don't mess up my hair"
"I'll try Jane but it's not like I can control what my body does.
I'm ..um.. fabric now, I cant seem to move anything.."
"You mess up my hair and you're gonna stay my hoodie forever!"

" Excuse me.. but do I hear your shoe.... crying?"
"Giggle! Yes! I turned my room mates boyfriend
into this pretty shoe after he tried to hit on me"
"Wow! You must be really loyal to your room mate!"
"Giggle! Not at all- she's the shoe on my other foot!"

"look at all your buddies over there Martin-
"Yeah! I see you all! F_ YOU!",
they think if they look all tuff they might intimidate me
into changing you back... but I like you as a glittery purse Martin-
it's so much better than when you were my cheating boyfriend"

I was too nervous to speak up... she's so lovely, so beautiful... I'm so bad at people, she thought I might hurt her and that flash.. her magic.. ughhhhhh... I never wanted to be a womans bra.. why did she change me into a bra? My whole life is holding a womans breasts, my purpose is to hold breasts.. Lofe is so much better now.