"That's funny mister Wilkins! Offering me money
to change you back when I've already drained your entire bank account.
No.. I like you much better as a lipstick,
I'm never changing you back and youre such an attractive shade
that i'm going to wear you down to nothing in a few weeks.
Tell you what? why dont you just rest a bit in my purse,
I'll pull you out when i need you ok?"
It was funny! When she kissed the Phrogg he didnt turn into a prince
like in the story books...instead he turned into this stylish little mini dress!
Im just glad I already had these shoes and matching purse!
Now he's part of my new most favorite outfit!
......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, this new slip..What was the brand name on the tag? Jennygirl? I dont know how they made this, but I've never felt anything like this! So warm and so...excited? It's as if Im putting on a second skin and for some reason I feel like I'm hanging out with an old Girlfreind! Im going to wear this till it falls apart!

"An enchantment of eighth magnititude, A week of gathering ingreidients, A full seven hours of chanting... And your deepest desire was to give up your humanity to become...FRUIT ? Miniboy, You lived your entire life, gained experiences, had relationships so you could end up as a SNACK? ...
Oh well, I'll place you in a pile of apples at the market on the way home, some woman will buy and eat you.. a grusome end but hey- You picked it right?"

"Sigh.... I remember when I used to shop for us both Jason,
Then you had to go and make that stupid wish!
Why you wanted to try life as one of my boots is beyond me-
and of course, as a boot you cant talk,
so you cant wish yourself back...
I supose the least I can do is indulge you in your fantasy
errr.... reality, and wear you from time to time"

"Mister Evans wanted me to take work along on my vacation
so I used a spell to turn him into this darling tote"
"Mmmmmpphhhhh, mmpphhh"
"What's that Mister Evans? Im fired?"
"Giggle! who listens to a purse?"

Due to OVERWHELMING requests to be turned into Squid's bra,
Now everyone who asked- Kristy, Alice, Wamdude, Effy, Kja 1966...and
everyone else who was even thinking of asking me are pretty little BRAs!
Of course now I have way more underwear then I need so

"You had better quiet down in there and be a good little lipstick
or when we get home i'm going to put you
in the microwave and turn your sorry ass
into a puddle of molten goo!"

Lady Lori

You're the one that's laying there forgotten.

Perfect Dress:

you were just hanging there..and then these two walked in and...

" Well co5... You wanted to be my panties giggle! and now you are!
I must say, I'm pleased with how lacy and pink you've become..
Of course i do have MANY other panties- and I dont have
a bra that matches you yet...I hope youre not claustrophobic
cause you're probably going to sit in my pantie drawer
for a while!"

Angela's feet ached but she knew she had to go on. She hadnt realized the skirt she returned to this store was in fact her husband George, why he thought it was a good idea to chant something in her spell book was a mystery to her.

He had fallen onto the pile of things she was going to return and she hadnt realized till she got back home and saw the open book.. now time was ticking! If he didnt get changed back soon he would be a skirt forever!

There wasnt even a need to vote! Once the other members of the coven saw the scrumptious leopard pumps on Marrisa's feet we all knew she had won our annual "boyfreind 2 shoe" competition! Dont even ask me what Donna was thinking making her guy into sneakers! Jeez!

Courtney Friel Summer Fashion

This is where youve gone to live - after the transformation that is!