"How many years of school did you go through Professor Iverson?
How long did you work at the university to get Tenure?
How many books did you read? How many students did you teach?
Isnt it funny that one failing grade and one magic spell
has changed everything about your life?
I mean, one moment youre the dean of the science department
and the next youre a cheap plastic neckalce decorating a coed! Giggle!
... and you said I was stupid!"

" Don't be so scared Roger!
A purse your size can easily hold all this chick shit.
"MMmphhhhhh mmmphhh..."
Who knows?
You may grow to like holding all this girly stuff inside your body...
I bet youre going to be a good little handbag .. arent you?"

"I can hear the clicking of a keyboard... she's typing,
Ughhhh, unhh... I can feel her chest tensing slightly as her fingers dance over the keys, ohhhhh....ughhh... even in this sitting state I can feel the weight,
supporting her breasts.. unnnngghhhh... so hard....
How long will she keep me as her BRA?"

"Too bad if you dont like being pinned to the clothes line,
It was your idea to be my underwear, deal with it!"

" I want to thank you Martin for saying you were willing to help me any way you could"
"Mmmmmmmpphhhh Mmphhh"
" I know that being turned into a pair of jeans probably was'nt what you had in mind
but I have to say... you are doing a great job!"
"MMMphhh! MMMpphhh!"
"No silly, I cant change you back,
but I promise youll be my favorite pair of jeans for a long time!"

You are a wand! That's right.. a wand

from BATEPAS Awsome!