... And as Inch blew out the candles on his cake he felt a sudden tingle all over his body and the sensation of whooshing through the air then total darkness. He was unable to move, unable to speak and overwhelmed by the smell or polished leather. He didn't have to think about his situation long because there was a sudden burst of light then a giant hand lifted what looked like a giant high heeled boot where it sat next to him. A giant Asian woman placed it on her foot as she spoke to a giant sales girl
" Ohh! this boot is good, perfect for the trip back to Tokyo tonight".
Then her giant hand reached his way again, this time lifting him up and placing him on the floor as she lifted her foot to try him on. He was of course a perfect fit!

"Ohhhh! It feels more intense than I ever imagined,
like my entire body is my penis
and stroking your lips is the most exciting thing in the world!"

"I'm glad you feel that way Henry

because now that you insisted I actually use you as my lipstick

I cant change you back"


"It's true. The color on my lips was part of you...

and I cant change you back unless you're complete so..."

"Are you kidding me? ,

We're in love... I have a job... I just bought a new house..."

" I still love you Henry.

You may not be my boyfriend but you'll be my favorite lipstick from now on,

I'm' afraid that's your job now.

I'll move into that new house of yours and you


You get to live in my purse!"


"look at all these pretty dresses Marsha!"
"I cant wait to try them on Alice!"
Mike could only listen in horror as the women
shifted the garments hanging on either side of him.
Since his transformation he had existed
as a frilly dress on a rack in this store for two weeks.
He wondered if his ex wife would change him back soon
or would he have to endure the humiliation
of being selected, tried on, sold and worn
by some strange woman he had never met before


"Mark? ... Mark is that you?
Oh My God!
Those words we found on the Internet really were a spell!
How does it feel to be a pair of panties?
You're so little and cute!
I cant wait to wear you tomorrow!,
you wont mind spending the night
in my underwear drawer will you?"

"Look at the bright side Jeff,
You always wanted to see the inside
of the girls locker room
and as my BRA... you can!
In fact..
you get to see the inside of a girls locker!