"Do a good job tonight as my stocking Jeffery and I may let you go"
"May? But you promised
when you got a run in your stocking
that if I let you change me for your big date tonight
you would change me back as soon as you got home"
"That's before I saw how good you make my legs look.
Face it, youre in no position to bargin,
you foolishly gave away youre humanity
to be an article of womens clothing"
"MMmfff! Mmmffff!!"
"I dont argue with clothing,
When I get home its six months in my lingere drawer for you!"

"Well what do you know? These Spell books really work!"
"pppp Please Vivian, It's too much for me... All this sensation..."
"I'm glad becoming fishnet stockings hasnt killed you! "
"I llll..live but Im so excited, so aroused and cant release... help me.."
"But I've already helped you,
the second spell book told me how to silence you forever,
now you wont be able to complain"
"Nnn No, Please! Then I will just be clothing,
my humanity gone..Pplease...mmmm.mmfff!.."
"You silly stocking!
Just accept my gift and be the best stocking you can be.. alright?"