And now you LIVE in this store- untill some girl buys you!

Which one are ya???

Once you were a man and now youre a swimsuit! Lol- man to spandex- I LOVE IT!

"Ohhhhh My God...Im a ...Im a shoe!
Im a shoe on her foot and shes walking away..
wait! What did she say?
um.. something about the time limit of the spell
being written where the change occured...
and it happened... there!
TEN...ok ten... ten what?
seconds? Hours? Days...Months?
YEARS! WhaT HAVE i DONE?????...."

"Since you cheated on me Ron,
Ive been really enjoying wearing you.
Youve been a really comfortable pair of panties-
all pink and frilly.
But, as fun as it is to wear you,
knowing that this is the way you get clean now
- I just love it!
It's the best part of me week
seeing you slosh around with the rest of my things!"

Dont put me up here!
Dont leave me this way!

" And while everyone is looking for the important executive Mister Harrison,
I will keep a straight face while I wear you over my eyes
or tote you around in my purse ..
you really have become the most darling shades!"

"I swear Owen,
If you keep riding up
I'm going to iron you!
Just hold still and be a pretty dress!"

"You have to speak up George-
Now that youre an earring I'm afraid
your voice is very small...
Maybe I should just use the silence spell
and let you just be jewelry..
would you like that hmmm?"
"...If only she could hear me!
I'm not really a BRA!
My witch girlfreind did this to me-
she left me in that store..
PLEASE, I want my life back ..

..... Once I was a man
and I used to sit at the head of the table...Sob!
Then I wished I could be her favorite and POOF!
Now I'm her favorite HANDBAG!
and I am lucky she brings me to the table at all.."

"I really am sorry Albert,
I promise to spend all my working hours
finding a way to transfer you back,
and when work is done ... sigh...
you will just have to deal with being my purse-
God I hope I figure out how to get you back
before you go out of style!"

you remember what that old gypsy woman said Frank-
If you get wet you have to stay ....OOOPS!
I guess youre my shoe from now on!"

".... OMG! I know this place!
Those look like giant bottles of that nail polish brand she likes..
this is her manicure drawer..
all her nail stuff- why am I laying in a giant manicure drawer
next to four bottles of polish??
Why cant I move! ...HELLLLP!"

"....Sigh.... remember how much in love we were?"
"Then you had to cheat.. and I had to punish you"
"Ummmm... sorry, so sorry"
"and now you support my breasts. all day long"
"uunnnhhhh! all day? It's been MONTHS!"

"OMG! This is so much fun!
Ed is squirming around so much he's
become my FAVORITE BRA!"

..Psst... Tom? did I leave you here?
Ohhhh! If I dont remember which shelf I left you on soon..
"Come on Anne, the bastard had it coming-
let him be a bottle of perfume, he desrves it"
"But it seems cruel to just leave him"
A lifetime in a girls purse
being squirted away, little by little-
thats PERFECT for him!
Come on, lets go!"

"....Jeez! Ginger said
if a woman bought me I'd be stuck in the form of a top forever!
Why did I insist on letting me indulge my fantasy
by having her turn me into a sexy top and
hang me here at her job at this mall?
Was I that bored? ...
will i be this way forever?"

"Please Trisha... dont let it end like this.."
"Shhhh Johnny! I'm trying to help you!"
"But you've taken away my human life,
you've turned me into some sort of clothing..."
"A designer top- and you look great!
Just be quiet while I hang you on this rack..."
"but I dont want to be someones clothing!"
You werent man enough to be my or any girls boyfreind
- at least now you can serve a woman well"
"But.. but...mmmpphhh mmphhhh!!!!....."

".... OMG! It's Amy!
Amy! down here on the third shelf!
I'm stuck as a black leather pump...
you have to get me out of here before....
Why is she looking at me that way..
ULP! She cant hear me.
I think I'm the next shoe she tries on!"

After you changed into an adorable ORANGE bag!

"... And then the old woman said
"you poor man!
you look so uncomfortable and
unhappy in my shop, I cant have that!"
I started to say-
It's alright mam,
My Fiance is in the dressing room
and I'll be ok once she and I get some lunch...
But I Never got the chance..
"Sim Salla Bim!"
"MMMpphhh Mmpphhhhh!!!"
"It's alright dear,
You will grow to love being a gorgeous gown"

"... and then I had the sensation of my body shriveling away,
I hung there in the air for a moment,
bewildered, ready to fall..
I didnt know what was happening,
the last thing I heard was Daphne laughing
as she looked at me and said,
"OMG! Pantyhose! The spell worked!"