"Thats right Mister Fredrickson,
You didnt give me a promotion
so now youre a peep toe pump!
No more running a corporation for you!
The hardest thing you have to do now is match my purse!"

I dont understand what you try to accomplish
by hiding in there Steve.
I mean it's not like its hard for a girl
to dig around in her purse till she finds her favorite lipstick
.. and you are my favorite afterall. "

"Jeez! You really were a girly man!
I cant believe how long you've been crying!
Just be a man !
Accept that I turned you
into a strappy red high heeled shoe
and get ready to be worn!"

"I just dont care Ed,
I've decided you make a much better boot
than a boyfreind
so I'm NOT changing you back"
"Mmpphhh!!!! Mmppphhhhhh!!!!"

" Ohhhh......... Why am I on the floor?
What was in that drink last night?
Why is one of Lisa's shoes leaning on me?
Why is it so big?
Are those my boots?
What's going on?????"

"But youre not George anymore,
youre not a Man,
youre not even HUMAN anymore!
Youre a ruffly white skirt,
pretty, feminine and MINE.
The sooner you come to terms with that
the better off you will be because honestly?
I dont care what you think!"

"Gulp!!!, GRATE!!!!...
If I break I'll be useless and stuck this way,
as her boot- FOREVER!"
" You make a cute bracelet Lenny, but your really not my style-Yawn!
I suppose you could stay in my jewelry box
but honestly?
I dont know If I'll ever wear you.
Perhaps I'll have a yard sale next month and sell you off!"

"....... Ohhh Myyy Goddddddddd!
Being a girls top is BETTER than I ever imagined!
Why would I ever want to change back???"

I dont know if I should laugh or cry,
Jeff read this set of instructions
and then wished to be this pretty dress -
and so he is,
but now he has no mouth,
so he cant wish himself back to human form..
I guess that means I own him now...

"Just hang there like a good Dress OK Frank?
I promise that if you dont sell today
I'll change you into something different"

I dont care how sorry you are Dave-
I'm NEVER changing you back!
From now on your my STOCKING!

The coven walked the streets
as their husbands and boyfreinds
dangled helplessly from feminine elbows,
holding the belongings of their witchy women

"Isnt it wonderful George?
Thomas asked me to marry him!
If you had only popped the question when we dated
you would have been my husband
instead oh the classic black tote
I changed you into.. woman scorned and all that!"

"Well boys, who'se the tuff guy now?
I'm the one going for her masters
and youve become Giggle! My laundry!"
MMmmpphhh! MMMpphhhhhh!

"You be quiet in there!
- or its a month in my makeup drawer!"

"I'm holding the charm,
so all I have to do is say the magic words
and you will become a Dress? A Shoe? A Bra?
... Hmmmmm..."