"It's almost Midnight
and if I dont change Frank back soon
he's going to be stuck as an article of my sisters clothing forever...
I just have to figure out which one of these things is Frank!"

"....and I will keep jabbing you with my heel
till you get it through your thick head
that youre my PURSE...not my boyfreind.
Start acting like it!"

"Well, it was either Toe RING or Toe JAM...
I would think you would be grateful"

look- youre on TV!

"Giggle!....It's your own fault David,
you insisted on going out with me tonight,
this is the only way to get you into the coven meeting,
I suggest you stop wriggling around and try to enjoy being my dress...
It's not like you have a choice!"

" Hmmm... just one more press on nail and I'm ready for tonight...
I bet if I walk by the construction site I'll find a worthy candidate!"

"Ohhhh! Alan LOVES holding you!"
"Giggle!, George LOVES holding you!