Vintage Fashions 1940

Ever wonder why Grandpa vanished?

"Quit wiggeling around Raymond!
I dont care if all these people were your freinds-
youre mine now, and I'm never changing you back."

"you're just thinking about it the wrong way Ian,
It's true that if you were still a man you would be really small,
but since I changed you into my lipstick youre the perfect size!
I mean, what good would you be if it were hard to
carry you in my make up bag?"

"Maria left me on a rack with a bunch of other red jackets as a joke,
She said so after I was transformed... She laughed as she said "This is the best way for me to get the money you owe me back" . Then I was folded into a shopping bag and caried here where I heard Maria say she wanted to return a jacket she got as a present... They hung me on a hanger and put me here...I wonder how long it will be before Maria tells them it was all a joke?"

I have to think this through....
Todd and I were arguing....
I said "I wish you would stop being such a dick and be more helpful to me",
There was a puff of pink smoke and Todd disappeared
and this handbag was sitting here when the smoke cleared....
you don't suppose.....

black shoes

This is what most of you boys dream of being isnt it?

shoe shopping

Bought by a German Tourist! Help! I cant even understand what she says!

"OOOFFF! This is amazing, my entire body is courseing with ...
Ooofff! - sensation. The touch of her skin, the moisture of her...
OOOfff! - Sweat inside me... Even the abrasiveness of the asphalt...
Oofff!- I've never felt so alive! ....I hope she never changes me...
OOOffff! Back! I hope she never takes me off! I want to stay..
OOfff! .. her shoe forever!

"...Linda, No, I beg you! Not like this! You cant leave me like this!"
"oOh Andy... You're Beautiful.. and so.. COLORFUL!"
" But what if a girl...GULP...Buys me?"

You are a good Bra

Enjoy your day!

"I dont care if this does feel like a prostate exam Sammi !
I told you that you were coming with me to the dance one way or another and i meant it!"

"I was only going to keep him this way overnight
- just to remind him who's in charge of our relationship-
Mmmmph! Mmmmmpppphhh!
but he's become such a cute little hat
that i think Im going to wear him all summer!"

"Ohhhhh... This is even better than i imagined being a dress would be...
It feels so amazing! I'm wraped around a woman in the middle of a room and
nobody even suspects i was ever anything but a dress!
I'm free!"
" But Angie! I dont want you to change me back!
I want to belong to you forever!
Go find yourself a new man, go on with your life..
just promise me you will wear me a few times a month."

"Well Josh, I hope you enjoyed your day as a bead on my favorite necklace but now it's time to change you back and....which bead were you again? ... this could be a problem."

"Jim? Is....Is"
"Tony? what is that? some kind of speaker hidden in my wifes underwear?"
"Jim! Your wife is some kind of witch! She turned me into these panties last week when I wouldnt sleep with her!"
"So what are you saying Tony? My wife's not good enough for you?"
"No wonder she made you her panties! I'm gonna put you back in her drawer and let you rot there for all i care you picky bastard!"

"There, you see George? You make an absolutely Darling shoe! Don't worry, I've got the cutest little shoe box to keep you in till I find someone to transform into your match for my left foot!"

Peter Tampon

You boys have a really strange way of thinking!