Ladies and Gentlebras,

I've just come back from a bit of web surfing and thought I should tell you all that I've found a new place for fans of transformation caps and stories.

It's a new site, not much up yet but I bet if my audience started to visit there regularly... well, supply usually grows to meet demand right?

Pop over there if you get the chance and tell them Squid sent ya!

Of course youre emasculated Ronald-
youre no longer the tall handsome jock you once were.
From now on you'll serve me as one of my Bras
- my Fushia Bra-
and I dont care how it makes you feel.
Just do your job,
support my breasts
and maybe I'll wear you twice a month- OK?"

"It's like he's been hugging me all evening!
I've never felt so close to another living being!
Maybe tomorrow Ill use the amulet
to change him from my bra to my panties!"

"OMG! Edgar feels incredible - he's the best BRA ever!"
"Remember- you said I could wear him tomorrow!"

"Why did I wish that I wanted to hang out
in a place where Id get to touch
the breasts of lots of girls?"

"NOW LOOK WHAT YOUVE DONE! You messed up my tan!
"But Katie, I cant move when I'm transformed..
you put me on and then went into the sun..."
"It's all your fault! Now my summer is ruined!"
"But... But...."
"I'm sick and tired of your excuses!
I'm dropping you
in the next clothing donation bin I see.
Have a nice life BRA BOY!"

"Giggle! Stop peeking Freddy!
I'll take you off and change you back
as soon as we get to the hotel in Paris...
Wasnt this a great way to save on air fare?"

"Hmmmmm! Not bad!
At first I thought a real woman like me
would not be caught dead with a wussy guy like you.
I mean, You begged me to turn you into a girly little BRA!
But now I see that youre a much better BRA
than any I've ever worn..
You may have been a spineless freak
but now youre mine forever!"

"Stop squeezing my boobs
or youre going to stay a BRA FOREVER!
I swear, you will never taste beer again!!"

"But Jim,
when you said you wanted to support me
through what ever I wanted to do,
I didnt think you would do it AS MY BRA!"

.... No, I will not give in,
My name is Alex and I am a man!
I'm not a silky sea foam green BRA
with underwire for extra support,
I do not live in a girls underwear drawer..
this is all a dream, a nightmare
and I did not break up with my girlfreind,
and she is not a witch,
and 4 months have not gone by....

".... Betty! Nooo! dont kiss that guy!
I'm right here with you.. how could you...
"I can hear what your thinking Ricky
and I can answer by thinking back..
"Betty, why are you tormenting me this way?"
"What are you talking about?
You begged me to change you into this dress
and now that you are one
you still want to be treated as my boyfreind?
" But Betty...."
"But dress... youre not a man anymore,
so start acting like a dress
or I'm going to treat you as trash... literally!
I'll throw you out!"

"Hehhhh... now her right foot moves..
now her left..
ohhhh, now she's standing still,
is that gum ground into the floor next to her foot? ewww..
It's funny, but since she turned her into her panties
watching her feet from under this skirt has become so interesting!"

Imagine riding that body under those skirts...

How many wanted to be stockings?

Take your pick! Be any one of these!

Some of you boys want to be PROM dresses dont you?

Here is the chance to tell me what you like and dislike about this blog.
I want to improve it, but I need your help!
Tell me your thoughts by writing a comment on this post

Robyn, you cant just hang me on this rack and leave me!
What if some girl comes along and "GULP!" buys me?
You have to change me back to mMmmPPhhh...
Mmp........Phhhh........m.......... -----"

" Ohhh! look, I'm not in her room,
or in the laundry or the lingere drawer,
it looks like a store.. the mistress must be out.
Sigh.. since she transformed me
momentary sightings of the world like this are so rare...
what a treat!
The mistress must really love me!"

"Giggle!... I'm sorry mister Sorrensen
but that love incantation I gave you to recite?
It was really a transformation spell,
so now instead of being my boss,
you get to be my pretty little panties!
Dont worry though,
you'll still get to sit in the corner office,
you'll just be doing it under my skirt when I get your job!"

"Up here Julie!
The girl from the display department
hung me up here after you left..
Please, you have to hear me!
I dont want to be stuck this way forever!"

"unngghhhh... it's better than my wildest dreams!
Ohhhh, Mike? how does it feel for you?"
" MMMMMMMmmmm, Man Karl,
you were right this Pantie spell is amazing!
How long will we stay as the girls underwear?
"I hope forever!"

"OMG! My plan to spy on my girlfreind has backfired..
the spell I used to become her panties will be permanent
if bleach touches me while I'm in this shape
and she just took me off and put me here with her laundry...."

"Oh Jimmy! the spell worked! You are the most adorable pair of panties I've ever seen!
I know I said Id change you back right away but you wont mind if I keep you this way do you? I tell you what? If you want me to change you back just say so... oh, that's right, frilly panties have no mouths! so it's settled then!"

"Well Derek, you did say you would
do anything to get between my legs,
I promise to not rip
you off my body
when my boyfreind gets here
- I loose more panties that way!"
"... But I wanted to belong to a hot babe...sob......
but somebody else bought me.. sob..
now I'm owned by a middle aged woman..
I have no say, no movement..sob,
I gave up my life to be UNDERWEAR...
what was I thinking?"

"...Ughhhh,,, "gasp!' air! Light!
I can see the room, not looking down anymore,
people looking... HELP!
Down here, under the skirt!