"I know how much you yanks like to drive,
I know it's not exactly the same now that youre my frock
but look at it this way-you'll still be in the drivers seat!"
Well Ladies and Gentlepurses,
It appears our freind Ix can indeed caption!
Thanks Ixy!

I get to keep my skinny pants and short boots another season!

Real Ad I found on the web.

"I bet it must feel weird to be folded and stacked with all the other jeans. I hope your new life turns out how you want it to Peter. An existance as a pair of womens pants seems boring to me but to each his own right?"
"Well fellas, do you still think calling us "Cupcakes" was a good idea?"
MmmmmmPPpfff! Mmmpphhhh!

"I know that green isnt exactly a traditional color
for a goth outfit Troubadour, but having you stretched
tight over my arms and chest....MMMmmmmmmm!"

"Where am i?
why can't I move?
Why am I laying here next to this giant shoe?
What's going on?

EEk! I just changed my boyfreind for the evening! Where did he go? I left him right here!