Flop around all you want Steve-
You aint goin nowhere..
By the time my spell stops workin
you wont ever move again
and I'll have a brand new Bra!
This is PERFECT!
Nancy placed me up here with this other purse...
OMG! I'm a purse!
Im so excited.. I wonder how many women will model me?
Oh.. I hope I'm here for a few weeks ,
Being a piece of ladies merchandise has been my dream forever..
And then to be OWNED!
to be actually used and treated like any other of her handbags!
This is the best!...

OMG... Jeremy?
Jeremy can you hear me?
Ohhhh this is bad!
How did I know the spell in that old book would work?
I didn't really want to turn you into a strawberry... Ohhh...
Align Center... But Emma...
you cant do this to me...
I'm your Boyfriend for gods sake!..
Really Jack?
Have you looked in a mirror lately?
Ever since you had that dumb idea
to try being one of my dresses
our relationships gone to hell.
I still love you...
If I go in there I'll be stuck this way!
Just shut up and let me wash you! Jeez!