Jake lay there horrified
His words to the wishing coin had been clear enough,
"I wish I could be with Jane where ever she may go,
I wish she would love me and care for me and
I wish she would think I was vitally important to her life"
then POOF!

..."and here come Giant Jane! OMG!
what's going on???"


I can sense your anguish John but you have to face facts,
as a shoe you are incapable of riding that old bicycle of yours
and I'm certainly not going to ride a bike in HEELS!

Flop around all you want Steve-
You aint goin nowhere..
By the time my spell stops workin
you wont ever move again
and I'll have a brand new Bra!
This is PERFECT!
Nancy placed me up here with this other purse...
OMG! I'm a purse!
Im so excited.. I wonder how many women will model me?
Oh.. I hope I'm here for a few weeks ,
Being a piece of ladies merchandise has been my dream forever..
And then to be OWNED!
to be actually used and treated like any other of her handbags!
This is the best!...

OMG... Jeremy?
Jeremy can you hear me?
Ohhhh this is bad!
How did I know the spell in that old book would work?
I didn't really want to turn you into a strawberry... Ohhh...
Align Center... But Emma...
you cant do this to me...
I'm your Boyfriend for gods sake!..
Really Jack?
Have you looked in a mirror lately?
Ever since you had that dumb idea
to try being one of my dresses
our relationships gone to hell.
I still love you...
If I go in there I'll be stuck this way!
Just shut up and let me wash you! Jeez!

Tara looked away from Vincent
who hugged her foot the way any well made high heeled shoe would.
Pursing her lips, she contemplated the other men in her life
who had done her wrong.
Now that she had graduated from the sorceress academy
life was going to be interesting.
"I'd much rather you be out here walking with me
but I suppose that you'll be safer inside my purse..
Tell me again?....
Why did you want to change into one of my Lipsticks?"
My God!
Better Than Anything Before..
When will she pull me back up?


" See what I mean Ellen?"

"Totally! Dave is really working as a BRA!"

"Yep, no more slacking off for Dave."

"I wish I could change my boyfriend into a Bra for a few days!"

"Just a few Days? I'm going to leave Dave this way forever!"

"oh Stanley, It would be too hot If I wore you now!
Stop struggling... just relax and lie there like a good coat.
I promise to unpack you and change you back into yourself
as soon as I arrive in the hotel room..
just think of this as a... sleeping bag!"

"You say you like our dresses? That's so sweet!
but we really have our boyfriends to thank...
After they told us they didn't want to take us to the dance
we decided to take them... as our gowns!
They turned out really pretty didn't they?"

"You're looking better than you ever did as my husband!"

"Please Meg... change me back..."

"No, this is perfect, you're an absolutely adorable hat now"

" no... please... you cant leave me this way..."


All I did was go on one date
with that woman from the office..
what was that?... Five YEARS ago?
Then POOF!...
she wears me a few times and then it's here...
This is how it all ends..
Life goes on out there, and I'm stuck in here.
I wonder If she even remembers
which one of these dresses I am?


"Let me go!"

"But I like you this way!
You're doing very useful work being my lip gloss wand..
How would I touch up my makeup without you?"


"and finally, a step back and...
The transformation spell worked!
You look just like all the other products in the line Charlie!

I just know you are going to make some girl really happy when she buys you."


Mentos commercial (Broken Shoe) from the 90s

OMG! she changes you into a shoe, wears you with a matching real shoe- then the real shoe breaks, she eats some candy, decides you are nothing but a shoe now... and then treats you like ... A SHOE! and you of course are trapped forever!

high heel shopping3

high heels shopping2

high heels shopping1

The Pursuit of Shoes

Imagine two girls fighting over you!


... And as Inch blew out the candles on his cake he felt a sudden tingle all over his body and the sensation of whooshing through the air then total darkness. He was unable to move, unable to speak and overwhelmed by the smell or polished leather. He didn't have to think about his situation long because there was a sudden burst of light then a giant hand lifted what looked like a giant high heeled boot where it sat next to him. A giant Asian woman placed it on her foot as she spoke to a giant sales girl
" Ohh! this boot is good, perfect for the trip back to Tokyo tonight".
Then her giant hand reached his way again, this time lifting him up and placing him on the floor as she lifted her foot to try him on. He was of course a perfect fit!

"Ohhhh! It feels more intense than I ever imagined,
like my entire body is my penis
and stroking your lips is the most exciting thing in the world!"

"I'm glad you feel that way Henry

because now that you insisted I actually use you as my lipstick

I cant change you back"


"It's true. The color on my lips was part of you...

and I cant change you back unless you're complete so..."

"Are you kidding me? ,

We're in love... I have a job... I just bought a new house..."

" I still love you Henry.

You may not be my boyfriend but you'll be my favorite lipstick from now on,

I'm' afraid that's your job now.

I'll move into that new house of yours and you


You get to live in my purse!"


"look at all these pretty dresses Marsha!"
"I cant wait to try them on Alice!"
Mike could only listen in horror as the women
shifted the garments hanging on either side of him.
Since his transformation he had existed
as a frilly dress on a rack in this store for two weeks.
He wondered if his ex wife would change him back soon
or would he have to endure the humiliation
of being selected, tried on, sold and worn
by some strange woman he had never met before


"Mark? ... Mark is that you?
Oh My God!
Those words we found on the Internet really were a spell!
How does it feel to be a pair of panties?
You're so little and cute!
I cant wait to wear you tomorrow!,
you wont mind spending the night
in my underwear drawer will you?"

"Look at the bright side Jeff,
You always wanted to see the inside
of the girls locker room
and as my BRA... you can!
In fact..
you get to see the inside of a girls locker!

"I'm sorry Tim... what were you just saying?...
something about me being "Useless"
and something about wanting to "Break up" with me?
"Mmphhh! Mmphh!"
"No , you're right.. we should break up.
Tell you what,
I'll just leave you here on this table with all these other pretty shoes.."
"Oh yes.. Didn't I ever tell you,
one of the most "Useless" things about me is I'm a witch..
and you're a shoe.
Have a nice life!"

"That's it Britta, don't turn back... just keep walking
It was Donald's fondest wish to be turned into a wedding dress,
You just go back to your life and I'll make sure he's sold to the right girl "

"Awwww... there there.. don't cry.
I'll figure out a way
to get all of you changed back into people.
It may take a while
but I'll clear out a drawer
in my lingerie chest
where you can wait comfortably.
I know its not a hotel..
but you're all panties after all..."

Girl in Blue - "Awww! I think Cassie did a great job turning the mail man into that handbag- He's Adorable!"

Girl in foreground - " Thank you Linda! I think he turned out great!"

Girl sitting on steps - "Yawn... I would have made him a pair of panties,

that's a much more humiliating thing for a man to become"

"Ughhh! Unhhhh!
It's no use, I cant move!
Since Meridith said those weird words
Ive fallen to the floor and cant seem to move..
Here comes Meridith now..
why is she laughing?
what is she planning to do with that hanger?"

"Ok, ok...
let me close my eyes and try again..
nope... youre still a skirt"

"And where do you think you're going?
Stop wasting time
and hop on back into my shopping bag
so I can make the salesgirl think I'm returning you.
You can do it on your own
or we can wait another few seconds
till the paralysis spell kicks in
and leaves you like every other dress.."
" .... and as the last step of the coven's spell, we must think of all the men in our lives who have cheated on us, hurt us, or stood in the way of our happiness. We must envision their bodies twisting and shrinking down to become the new forms we have chosen for them. We must be clear that their ability to think and see and feel are in tact so they always know what they've lost... and with the final klink of the vessels which hold the sacrificial wine we set our pantie spell in motion........"


"Giggle! There, you see? You did great today!"
"Ughhh! what a relief to get all that stuff out of me!
It felt so strange to hold all those things inside
and just dangle from your arm all day."
"But you're so good at it
- really-
there were moments I forgot you were my boyfriend
and not just another purse"
"Well I'm glad your little magic spell experiment
is over and you'll be changing me back"
" yeah... About that changing back part...."

I know this probably will feel very strange,
but if I don't pull you up soon I'll be late for work.
You're going to be a great pair of jeans Kenny
so stop crying and just deal with it!"

Tina dozes and dreams of the day school will be over.
If she's mastered the 1500 spells taught at the academy
she will be a full fledged witch!

"Brace yourself Donald, I think Amanda is coming this way
"I'm so excited! Thanks Sophie for changing me into A chair for Amanda to sit on!"
"It's not my usual kind of transformation but once you told me
it was so you could be used by women...
the coven granted permission"
"Being a chair is wild!
I cant wait till this is over so I can write about the experience on my blog..."
"Write?... Donald, the change is PERMANENT.
You'd better get used to being FURNITURE cause there's no going back."

"You BEGGED me to change you into something Girlie
and I needed a second sparkly butterfly clip for my hair...
what are you complaining about?"

"... But you said I'd just be a polka dot top for a little while...
... You said you'd change me back right away...
... You said thmmmmmmphhh! Phhh! ..........."

"Amy, this joke has gone far enough!
You've had your fun.
Now for god's sake,
lift me up out of this box,
away from that giant shoe
change me back!"
"You're such a bossy little shoe"
"Man! I'm a Man and you know it!"
"Not from where I'm looking-
tell you what wussy, why don't I just cover
you're little shoe box home with the lid
and give you some alone time
to appreciate you're place in life little shoe?"

"OMG! If that's my pink satin bra there in the dresser drawer
then WHOSE this holding up my breasts right now?

"Think of it as poetic justice George-
"Boyfriend who hurts,
Turns into SKIRT!"
Now you can never hurt me, or any other woman again!"

Ben found it becoming harder and harder to complete a thought..
he was writing Squid a message asking for more pantie posts
and then he was on the floor, in a room he had never seen before
looking up at a woman.. a GIANT woman
who didn't pay him any notice..
What had happened?
Where was he?
What was going on?

Girls Gone Styled Ep. 1: Handbags with Rebecca Minkoff

"Remember Paco- I let you be my hoodie
and I even agreed to wear you
as long as you don't mess up my hair"
"I'll try Jane but it's not like I can control what my body does.
I'm ..um.. fabric now, I cant seem to move anything.."
"You mess up my hair and you're gonna stay my hoodie forever!"

" Excuse me.. but do I hear your shoe.... crying?"
"Giggle! Yes! I turned my room mates boyfriend
into this pretty shoe after he tried to hit on me"
"Wow! You must be really loyal to your room mate!"
"Giggle! Not at all- she's the shoe on my other foot!"

"look at all your buddies over there Martin-
"Yeah! I see you all! F_ YOU!",
they think if they look all tuff they might intimidate me
into changing you back... but I like you as a glittery purse Martin-
it's so much better than when you were my cheating boyfriend"

I was too nervous to speak up... she's so lovely, so beautiful... I'm so bad at people, she thought I might hurt her and that flash.. her magic.. ughhhhhh... I never wanted to be a womans bra.. why did she change me into a bra? My whole life is holding a womans breasts, my purpose is to hold breasts.. Lofe is so much better now.

Avoiding High Heel Mishaps

Swap Shop

What a great way to get rid of all those people you transformed!!

"Awwwwwww! Don't cry Jeffery.
My spell changed you into a really sexy pantie.
You wont have to sit in the store long.
Some girl is going to buy you right away...
With the way you look now?
I'm sure you'll only be worn
on nights when she wants to excite her man.
I bet your going to spend most of your time in her lingerie drawer".

Squid Made her first movie!
BTW? She's talking to YOU!

"No! My three wishes weren't for THIS!
I asked for such humble things!
to never have to worry about money again-
To have a room with a view,
and to belong heart and soul to a beautiful sensitive woman....
and to

I swear Anthony,
you had better stop crying before the stewardess hears you
and realizes you're my boyfriend and not just a normal purse!
But this is so HUMILIATING Brenda,
You carried me through the airport hanging on your arm,
That's how women carry purses
You stuffed me full of your belongings- I'm carrying your TAMPONS!
Where else am I supposed to put them?
I'm riding stowed under a seat!
You're lucky I didn't pack you in my suitcase!
I'm warning you- keep being a wuss
and I'm going to dump you in the first good will bin I see!

My God! Is that Amy?
It's so hard to tell from this angle.
People are all so huge..
Ugh! the ground is so hard and she is so heavy!
But...this feels so good..
Somehow she did it!
She turned me into one of her shoes...
I'm her shoe and she's wearing me!

What don't you understand?
I'm taking our picture
here in this store dressing room
so that I can always remember
what you looked like after
I changed you into a dress.
But you could always
change me into this dress if you wanted-
that's what I love about being married to a witch!
That's just it Greg,
I hate being married to you
so Ive decided to leave you this way.
I'm going to take you off, hang you up
and leave you here in this shop.
From now on you're merchandise.
No! I don't want to be sold to another woman!
I don't want to be a dress forever!
I donnmmnnn MMpphhhh! Mmmpphhhh!!! M!
Good bye Greg. Do try to be a good dress alright?

"....Gahh! Where am I? I feel so stretched out...
Like I'm my whole body is one thin sheet stretched so tight around something warm and soft..
I can see a woman's legs in fishnets..So HUGE!
What's happened?