Ladies Lingerie Modelling

Ok, youre her shoe and she left you under her bed and she's looking for you...

The Little School Girl, Her Shoe Collection, And The STRIKE!

WOW! And I thought my collection was big!

"All this back talk is why I changed you in the first place!"
"But April, you took away my humanity, my life..."
"I gave you the honor of being my own personal handbag-
I let you carry all my stuff and you REJECTED it!
"I hate being this way!"
"And I Hate listening to you talking.
What kind of girly purse talks? First things first- NO TALKING!"
"Mmmmmpphhhhhh! Mmpph... mm..m.................."
"Good! Second, I am done with you!
Ive decided to leave you here in the handbag department
so some other girl can buy you
and treat you like any other purse she owns!"
"But you promised to change me back...."
"Of course I'll change you back - just not yet"
"It's been over a week since the party.."
"And you performed magnificently as my cocktail dress.
You did so well I want you to do it again at my sisters wedding"
"But that's NEXT summer!"
"Exactly! You'll just have to hang here in my closet till then"
"But I don't want to..."
"You have the easy part- you just have to hang here and be pretty-
I have to keep my figure for almost a year- or you wont fit!"

"I know you re finally happy Jeffery.
Existing as one of my shoes was always a dream for you
and that spell book you found did the trick.
I read the words and POOF!
you're a wine colored platform sandal that fits me perfectly!
The only problem is now I have no boyfriend
and I miss the man you once were..sigh...
I wonder how much you're going to like being a shoe
once you go out of style and I have to throw you away?"

Just one last caress before I walk in that door
and take over your company.
Nobody will suspect I'm getting
all my business know how from a BRA
who used to be the company founder!
The best part is he's happy to help me
because he's become my BRA
and BRA's support the women who own them..
isn't that right BRA?

Giantess Kim as a teacher

i put this up because of the last shot, the foot moving in and out of a shoe. I thought it looked like it would if some poor person was turned into a shoe and their eyes were on the inside looking out.

"Well Anthony, I guess when I leave you here in the rack with all the other bottles of nail polish it will be goodbye forever. Your best freind and I will get married and you get to sit in the bottom of some girls purse. I hope you will be happy because I know I'm thrilled with the way things turned out."

Gosh Ben, It's awfully nice
having you in a place where
I can keep a close eye on you.
Now I never have to worry
about if youre cheating on me
and youre just the cutest bra ever!"