How many boys are in this vid Hmmmmm?

"giggle!, .. "
"And now I dont ever have to listen to you again!
I can do whatever I want
and you have to stay wrapped around me
under my dress, or in my dresser drawer
or in my laundry hamper
till I throw you away!"
" My favorite time to be a witch is just before I drifl off to sleep.
I close my eyes and imagine all the pretty things I can change men into"

"Ulp! there's the Witch that changed me...
Has she come to change me back or to try me on?
ULP! maybe BUY me??"

"Thank you magical Fashion Fairy
for taking my boring old boyfreind
and changing him into this beautiful Handgag!
He's much more useful this way!"

".... When Nancy used that magic spell
she found on the net to change me into a pair of her jeans,
I thought it was a kinky way to spend the day...
but now shes taken me to the store she works at
and hung me here on this rack
with all these other pairs of womens jeans...
and here she comes with a price gun!!!"

" There there Mister Frankel, I
'm sure you'll find that an existance as a womans suit
is every bit as satisfying as a human life - better in fact!
Now you have no cares, no worries
(aside from moths)
and best of all,
you'll make some woman feel her prettiest!
Just let me hang you here on the rack
and your adventure as a garment will start!"

"Gulp! I guess it's really over!
She's kissing my best freind
and I'm still strapped to her foot!
I dont think she's ever changing me back,
I'm stuck this way FOREVER!"

"Giggle! When I said we could live together,
I didnt mean as boyfreind and girlfreind!"
"Mmmmppphhhh! Mmpphh!"
"Oh hush! If I were you,
I'd try to enjoy being a girls underwear"

"I used to love parties
but now all I do is lay around with the other girls handbags
- this is my place at a party"

"....And where do you think youre going to live
AFTER I change you into a tube of shimmery Lip Gloss?"

" I dont know how I'm going to change you back,
but for now,
I've got to get you out of here and the easiest way is to...
MMmmmmmmpphhhhh!!! nnnn! Nnnn!!
Just shut up and let me get us out of here you ungrateful prick!"

"...I'm warning you..
speak without being spoken to again
and I will strand you as a lacey lavender bra
for fucking ever... you understand me?"

"sssssSOB! It's true...
I'll never be human again,
I'll be a top till the end of my days,
Why oh why did I make that wish?"

" In the old days a captain would give any disobedient crew memeber 50 lashes-
Giggle! I'm doing the same to you Derick! 50 lashes!"

"...It's no good, I cant communicate with her...
As far as she's concerned I'm her new denim skirt,
never a man..
what am I going to do?"

"It's no use running Anthony, I've already cast the spell!

You're going to be a pretty dress whether you like it or not!"

I'll Take em!

Have to try these two boys on!

Look at all the boys waiting to be bought!

But what are you? Skirt? Heels? Bag?.. or is she coming to BUY you??

"... Silly Boy, You wanted to feel what it was like to exist as my jeans,
you said it was your deepest sexual fantasy..Giggle!
Now that your wrapped around my body how does it feel?
I mean, youre not even human any more..
a man? um.. not any more..
so would you describe the experience as Sexual?
What is sexual to a being with no organs- sexual or otherwise?
What are you thinking now?"
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! MMMmmmmmmmmmmmm....."

"Hhhhhh.. Holy Shit!...
Emma's suddenly Gigantic!..
and does she look pissed!
and... why cant I move..?
What's going on??

Which one are you???

.."Not funny Miss Baxter!
Release me from this spell!
It's undignified for the owner of this chain of jewelry stores
to be put on display as a NECKLACE!
Miss Baxter? Are you listening to Mrrrfffff ???..
Mfffrrrff.. Mmm M..............."

..."I had a degree...
Ran a company...
Uhhhh... Getting hard to remember..
must hang here till she needs me again..
must serve the goddess..
I am hers..."

"... Noooo! You have to let me out of here!
I cant go on like this, as one of your belongings..
I have no dignity, no hopes or dreams..
You have to change me back!... Please???"
" I understand, You're odviously having a bad day -
I suggest you get over it or I'll just have to clean out my purse...
and I dont think you'll like the dump
much better than where you are now!"

"... No, Not human, Angora.
You're a designer sweater now Tommy,
Deal with it!"

OK, It's a bit of a stretch but its fun! Listen to their tiny voices!

"After the Panty Raid my sisters and I took revenge on the entire frat..
They get to spend the night here in the trunk till tomorrow
where they should sell really well at our sorority yard sale!"

"Pink Wallet?, Dragonfly Pin?,

Tweezers?, Lipstick?

or are you the Purse?...

what did I change you into?"

We may have driven here together in your car,
but I swear- you keep acting that way
and youre going home in this box-

One ring makes the change,
another seals it forever,
the others just look nice,
and since I cant remember which ring is which
you get to stay my BRA till i figure it out.