you were changed into her purse, and she's taken you to work and this is your point of view!!
Poor Boy!

A Woman and Her Purse

How To Apply Lipstick

Serve her, bit by bit. Here are the tools that will help to wear you away slowly while spending your spare time living in her purse.

"It doesnt matter how much you beg,
As far as I'm concerned, you've ALWAYS
been a denim mini skirt-
you were NEVER my cheating husband."
OMG! If I dont remember those stupid magic words
Eric will be trapped as the cocktail dress I wore last night ...forever!
...Not that that's a bad thing.
Just Perfect!
John will never know I lost one of the Diamond earrings he gave me ,
At least not while his best buddy Tim is under my spell
and held in the dainty little form.

High Heels

OMG! and where are you in this closet?

"Gasp! No Cassandra!"
"Why not Eddie?
Just one snip
and I get to look even more slutty
with a cut bra strap while you...
well, I guess you get to go in the trash
when I get home from the club."

"Uuuughhhhh! They're so big! So hard to hold up... feel like I'm going to snap...."
You wished to be one of my tops for the night so stop complaining."
Do you see Antonio?
Even my darling Puffy
likes you better as a cottony soft feminine blouse.
You're so soft against our skin,
you make us both

"It's strange to wear you Paul,
but you have become a beautiful bra"

Giantess Jewel tiny boss

WOW! for all you boys who want to be a girls stocking!

"Oh GOSH! Jeremy,
did I change you into turquoise or amber?
If I don't remember soon
you're going to be a part of my jewelry collection
for a long time!"

"Alright, He's a little tight now
but after you wash him a couple of times
he's going to be the best bra you've ever owned".

"So I have to stay on the floor, even when you're not wearing me?"

"Of course Albert dear, you wished to become one of my shoes and shoes stay on the floor"

"But the play off game! You are going to let me watch the playoff game tonight..right?"

"Silly little shoe! You're going to spend tonight and every night where you now belong- in my closet. Besides, I have a date tonight with my new boy friend."

"New what?"

"You honestly don't think I'd be romantically involved with one of my shoes did you?"

...ooooffffffffff! Ummmmmm! Ughhhhhh!...
I cant seem to move, body feels as if it's wrapped around tabletop..
..what's happened to me?.. Where am i?..

Shoe Shopping-part 1

She tries you look so pretty on her foot!

Thanks for these images Jang-A-Lang!

Ladies Lingerie Modelling

Ok, youre her shoe and she left you under her bed and she's looking for you...

The Little School Girl, Her Shoe Collection, And The STRIKE!

WOW! And I thought my collection was big!

"All this back talk is why I changed you in the first place!"
"But April, you took away my humanity, my life..."
"I gave you the honor of being my own personal handbag-
I let you carry all my stuff and you REJECTED it!
"I hate being this way!"
"And I Hate listening to you talking.
What kind of girly purse talks? First things first- NO TALKING!"
"Mmmmmpphhhhhh! Mmpph... mm..m.................."
"Good! Second, I am done with you!
Ive decided to leave you here in the handbag department
so some other girl can buy you
and treat you like any other purse she owns!"
"But you promised to change me back...."
"Of course I'll change you back - just not yet"
"It's been over a week since the party.."
"And you performed magnificently as my cocktail dress.
You did so well I want you to do it again at my sisters wedding"
"But that's NEXT summer!"
"Exactly! You'll just have to hang here in my closet till then"
"But I don't want to..."
"You have the easy part- you just have to hang here and be pretty-
I have to keep my figure for almost a year- or you wont fit!"

"I know you re finally happy Jeffery.
Existing as one of my shoes was always a dream for you
and that spell book you found did the trick.
I read the words and POOF!
you're a wine colored platform sandal that fits me perfectly!
The only problem is now I have no boyfriend
and I miss the man you once were..sigh...
I wonder how much you're going to like being a shoe
once you go out of style and I have to throw you away?"

Just one last caress before I walk in that door
and take over your company.
Nobody will suspect I'm getting
all my business know how from a BRA
who used to be the company founder!
The best part is he's happy to help me
because he's become my BRA
and BRA's support the women who own them..
isn't that right BRA?

Giantess Kim as a teacher

i put this up because of the last shot, the foot moving in and out of a shoe. I thought it looked like it would if some poor person was turned into a shoe and their eyes were on the inside looking out.

"Well Anthony, I guess when I leave you here in the rack with all the other bottles of nail polish it will be goodbye forever. Your best freind and I will get married and you get to sit in the bottom of some girls purse. I hope you will be happy because I know I'm thrilled with the way things turned out."

Gosh Ben, It's awfully nice
having you in a place where
I can keep a close eye on you.
Now I never have to worry
about if youre cheating on me
and youre just the cutest bra ever!"
I love suede but your patent leather boots are to die for!
Where did you get them?
They just appeared at my door one day-
they re made by a company called "Pilo"-
that's what the label on the insole says anyway.
Are they comfy?
Are you kidding? I never want to take them off!

"Gosh! You changed my ex boyfreind Josh
AND you gift wraped him for me?
This coven is the BEST!"

"youre just making me mad Paul..
There's no place for a little lipstick to hide in a purse this size,
I'm going to find you and when I do..."

Being her Bra was really exciting those first days...

Seven months in and I think she's forgotten I was a man.

Im just another Bra to her now..

she never talks to me or treats me any differently than these ordinary bras..

I guess thats all I am now..

womans underwear..


It feels as if someones toes
are hanging out of my mouths..
What's going on?
Why do I feel like I'm in two places at once?"

"... What the hell!... What are you doing??"
"Shut Up SHOE!
You can't be your prettiest
unless your shiny
and it takes elbow grease
to make a girly little shoe like you shine"
"But I dont want to be a shoe.."
"Tuff, you're a shoe and thats all there is to it"

"I'm sorry it had to be this way,
I would of much rather of had you be my boyfreind .
If I cant have you as my love,
then I'll take you as my SHOES."

"Do a good job tonight as my stocking Jeffery and I may let you go"
"May? But you promised
when you got a run in your stocking
that if I let you change me for your big date tonight
you would change me back as soon as you got home"
"That's before I saw how good you make my legs look.
Face it, youre in no position to bargin,
you foolishly gave away youre humanity
to be an article of womens clothing"
"MMmfff! Mmmffff!!"
"I dont argue with clothing,
When I get home its six months in my lingere drawer for you!"

"Well what do you know? These Spell books really work!"
"pppp Please Vivian, It's too much for me... All this sensation..."
"I'm glad becoming fishnet stockings hasnt killed you! "
"I but Im so excited, so aroused and cant release... help me.."
"But I've already helped you,
the second spell book told me how to silence you forever,
now you wont be able to complain"
"Nnn No, Please! Then I will just be clothing,
my humanity gone..Pplease...mmmm.mmfff!.."
"You silly stocking!
Just accept my gift and be the best stocking you can be.. alright?"
Ladies and Gentlebras,

I've just come back from a bit of web surfing and thought I should tell you all that I've found a new place for fans of transformation caps and stories.

It's a new site, not much up yet but I bet if my audience started to visit there regularly... well, supply usually grows to meet demand right?

Pop over there if you get the chance and tell them Squid sent ya!

Of course youre emasculated Ronald-
youre no longer the tall handsome jock you once were.
From now on you'll serve me as one of my Bras
- my Fushia Bra-
and I dont care how it makes you feel.
Just do your job,
support my breasts
and maybe I'll wear you twice a month- OK?"

"It's like he's been hugging me all evening!
I've never felt so close to another living being!
Maybe tomorrow Ill use the amulet
to change him from my bra to my panties!"

"OMG! Edgar feels incredible - he's the best BRA ever!"
"Remember- you said I could wear him tomorrow!"

"Why did I wish that I wanted to hang out
in a place where Id get to touch
the breasts of lots of girls?"

"NOW LOOK WHAT YOUVE DONE! You messed up my tan!
"But Katie, I cant move when I'm transformed..
you put me on and then went into the sun..."
"It's all your fault! Now my summer is ruined!"
"But... But...."
"I'm sick and tired of your excuses!
I'm dropping you
in the next clothing donation bin I see.
Have a nice life BRA BOY!"

"Giggle! Stop peeking Freddy!
I'll take you off and change you back
as soon as we get to the hotel in Paris...
Wasnt this a great way to save on air fare?"

"Hmmmmm! Not bad!
At first I thought a real woman like me
would not be caught dead with a wussy guy like you.
I mean, You begged me to turn you into a girly little BRA!
But now I see that youre a much better BRA
than any I've ever worn..
You may have been a spineless freak
but now youre mine forever!"

"Stop squeezing my boobs
or youre going to stay a BRA FOREVER!
I swear, you will never taste beer again!!"

"But Jim,
when you said you wanted to support me
through what ever I wanted to do,
I didnt think you would do it AS MY BRA!"

.... No, I will not give in,
My name is Alex and I am a man!
I'm not a silky sea foam green BRA
with underwire for extra support,
I do not live in a girls underwear drawer..
this is all a dream, a nightmare
and I did not break up with my girlfreind,
and she is not a witch,
and 4 months have not gone by....

".... Betty! Nooo! dont kiss that guy!
I'm right here with you.. how could you...
"I can hear what your thinking Ricky
and I can answer by thinking back..
"Betty, why are you tormenting me this way?"
"What are you talking about?
You begged me to change you into this dress
and now that you are one
you still want to be treated as my boyfreind?
" But Betty...."
"But dress... youre not a man anymore,
so start acting like a dress
or I'm going to treat you as trash... literally!
I'll throw you out!"

"Hehhhh... now her right foot moves..
now her left..
ohhhh, now she's standing still,
is that gum ground into the floor next to her foot? ewww..
It's funny, but since she turned her into her panties
watching her feet from under this skirt has become so interesting!"

Imagine riding that body under those skirts...

How many wanted to be stockings?

Take your pick! Be any one of these!

Some of you boys want to be PROM dresses dont you?

Here is the chance to tell me what you like and dislike about this blog.
I want to improve it, but I need your help!
Tell me your thoughts by writing a comment on this post

Robyn, you cant just hang me on this rack and leave me!
What if some girl comes along and "GULP!" buys me?
You have to change me back to mMmmPPhhh...
Mmp........Phhhh........m.......... -----"

" Ohhh! look, I'm not in her room,
or in the laundry or the lingere drawer,
it looks like a store.. the mistress must be out.
Sigh.. since she transformed me
momentary sightings of the world like this are so rare...
what a treat!
The mistress must really love me!"

"Giggle!... I'm sorry mister Sorrensen
but that love incantation I gave you to recite?
It was really a transformation spell,
so now instead of being my boss,
you get to be my pretty little panties!
Dont worry though,
you'll still get to sit in the corner office,
you'll just be doing it under my skirt when I get your job!"

"Up here Julie!
The girl from the display department
hung me up here after you left..
Please, you have to hear me!
I dont want to be stuck this way forever!"