"Ok Tony, one last breath before we start our day...

"See.. I'll bet it wasnt so bad spending the night in my locker
and now we get to spend the entire work day together.
I think youre going to like being my uniform blouse."

"Just relax Tom.
You may even enjoy being my shoe."
"Mmmpphhhh mmphhhhhhh....."

"I dont know...
It says if they change him into something
you have to let him go on display in this store...
put a price tag on him.."
"So?... Isnt that the whole idea?"
"But what if some girl BUYS him?
then he'll be stuck in her wardrobe for years,
maybe forever"

"You dont get it yet do you?....
Youre not my big strong husband anymore,
Youre nothing but a pretty little BRA...
And I OWN YOU! "

"Ahhh... My poor ex boyfreinds..
youve served me so well that Ive worn you both almost every day this month!
Look how worn out you both are!
Dont worry boys, soon I'll retire you to the bottom of my closet -
till I throw you away that is."

"... Well, you were the one who said I couldnt go to the party without you
and since coven functions are women only things...
you know- some men enjoy being turned into their wives dresses for the evening."

you have to take the good with the bad

A caption from CO5 who has spent the last few months in my Lingerie drawer, He made such a darling pair of pantys I just cant part with him! Nice work for a lacey little underthing XX
I was cleaning out my Yahoo email account and found this! It arrived a while ago and I just found it!
It was created by ERIC and I thank him from the bottom of my heart! Nice Job ERIC!!

"uuhhhhhh... where am I?
Why cant I move?
Why are these women so Gigantic?
Why am I laying next to a giant shoe?
What's going on?
I think I'm a shoe!
a Womans shoe in a store!!

"You were the one so interested in controling how I spend money..Giggle!
Now I dont spend a dime unless I get it from you directly!"
"mmmppphhh mmpffffff!!"
"Oh... no need to thank me..it was MY pleasure!"

OMG! I own this exact pair of shoes! These feet could be MINE!

Yes it's a bumper for the USA network- but it belongs here I tell you!

Mmphhhh Gurrfffff,
mmmpphhhhh mpphh.."
"Ohhhh, just shut up and hang there already,
you're gonna make yoursel all wrinkled
and you know how much you hate the iron..."

"I swear Ian, you apologize to me right now.."
"Or what?.."
" Or youre going to be close to me for a LONG time."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"Trust me... You DONT WANT TO KNOW!"

"Finally! Youre up."
"..... Give me a break will ya? I havent had my coffee yet..."
"I cant believe you left me on this rack all night"
" What do you mean? The washing machine made you dizzy,
I was'nt going to put you in the drier..."
"It's so humiliating having to exist as your skirt"
"Dont get me started Michael..
I've got a boyfreind who was'nt man enough to be a MAN-
youre the one who WISHED for this.."

".... I Think I'm the white one hanging here in the window..
Hello? Honey? Go ahead and use the counter spell, Just aim it and
change me back... What are you waiting for??"

Youre a great color and all,
but as a coat youre a bit too dowdy for me,
I think I'll just leave you at this shop,
maybe someones Grandma-
or perhaps a school crossing guard might buy you....
anyway, good luck with your new existance"

"Oh Yeah? So you tell me then-
which one of these coin purses is your boyfreind?
If you guess wrong he's going in my handbag for a LONG time."

"I swear David-
keep caressing me this way
and I might keep you as my top forever!"
"Awwwww! Tina's sad
because someone stole her lipgloss, I mean her boyfreind -from her locker"
"Giggle, she should'nt cry,
I'm sure once he's used up he'll be very happy in the town land fill!"

"MMMMppphhhh! MMmphhh!
"..But Amanda, your husband Robert is much happier as my red purse
then as the man he once was,
and Im affraid if you dont stop trying to get me to change him back
you'll find a place in my wardrobe as well.."
"Of all the things I could have changed into and I wind up
Sob! I hate that Witch!"
"Owww! Mary- this really hurts!"
"Of course it does shoe boy! Ohhh! I see some broken glass and look! dog doo!"
"No Mary please...."
"You secretly wanted to be a shoe, and I secretly wanted to be a dominatrix ,
LOL! youre tough luck!"

"So the spell worked just like you wanted,
Now you're a pair of lacey panties..
and suddenly I'm stuck on a Saturday night without a boy freind.
Sigh, It's my underwear drawer for you,
maybe your freind Tony would want to take me out..."
"Kenny, you know we only had bus fare for one
so stop bitchin at me or I'll zip you shut
and leave you here at the station
for some homeless chick to find"

"Ohhhh WOW!
You are a shoe through and through!
I know you said to avoid XRays
because they would lock your transformation permanently..
so how could I resist? Giggle!
Now youre an adorable sling back
and I get your corner office once they realize
their top research scientist isnt coming back!"
"I know being a stocking
probably isnt as interesting as being
a CEO of a corporation but who cares?
Thats what I changed you into and thats what you are!