More from Ladymissflower! I'm so glad she held on to some of her old images, When Yahoo just wiped out the original Once I Was A Man group and six of the additional groups that followed I was afraid her work and the work of many other creative people was lost forever!
Enjoy a few more images from my talented freind!

One of these panties used to be our English teacher Mister Swanson. The other two came from my underwear drawer... If you girls dont guess by Midnight his human life ends and his existence as a part of my Lingerie collection ... wait a second! It's past 2 in the morning!

guess we dont have to worry about that English final!

George and Andy were just a couple of High School Nerds,No one would have missed them if they spent the day as a pair of heels.

Of course I should have been more careful walking with them on my feet.I got them all scratched, and one of them (I cant remember which) broke when i accidently walked on a grate! OOPS!

My freind Tina, the witch who taught me the transformation spell, says that I could have the heel fixed and the scratches repaired at any shoemakers shop.. but now theres no hope of ever changing the boys back. So now the question is do i get them fixed or just throw them away? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

LADYMISSFLOWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The first of the group contributors has emailed me an image! I AM SO HAPPY!

I've just come from the ladies room here in the office building i work in. After washing my hands I decided to touch up my lippy as it's been a long day and as usual it had worn off.
As i held the applicator in my hand and turned the knob, exposing the pointed cylinder of pink shimmer. I imagined that this colored crayon was once a boss I had long ago.
He had been an awful boss. A short insecure man who thought he was Napolean. And in my imagination he was a lipstick that got worn away gradually. Existing only to color my pretty lips.

Then i stopped pretending and put the little bastards cap back on. he was an awful person who I turned into a beauty item. He's never going to leave my purse unless I use him up and throw whats left in the trash.

It happened several (SHEESH!) years ago. I had an idea for a group on Yahoo groups. Being the kind of girl who secretly gets off on forcing men into service i had a wild little fantasy of physically changing people into items in my wardrobe. One second a successful store owner
-ZAP!- the next second my high heeled shoe. One second a studio executive -ZAP!- the next second a tube of lipstick destined for an existence at the bottom of my purse.
I know, pretty freaky, pretty strange..hey! it's a fantasy.
So while I'm thinking about this group my boyfreind at the time is in the other room changing his shirt and he's left me in his livingroom with the TV on. A cartoon is on. A G.I. Joe animated movie where one of the bad guys has sprayed another bad guy with some chemical mixture. The sprayed bad guy turns ito a giant snake!

This man/snake slithers through the rest of the movie chanting the mantra "Once I Was A Man" over and over. He does it in a voice that sounds tortured, surprized and regretful all at the same time. "Once I Was A Man".
I thought if i just forced some poor sap into magically changing into my panties or handbag or bottle of eyeliner- he would probably be chanting "Once I Was A Man" in the exact same way.
(I imagine the words coming from the skirt I'm wearing now and i can feel my heart beat faster!)
So i started a group and posted some captioned pictures of objects that were once people and i found that i wasnt alone ! Thousands of people joined the group! Lots of them posted their pictures and stories!
I found that we object transformation fetishists are abundant, creative and enthusiastic about sharing our ideas!

Now I've started this BLOG. I am new to the idea of BLOGGING but i hope with the help of my members I can make this version of our concept as entertaining and fun as any of the yahoo groups ever were!