Vacation Spell, stuck forever and on sale!

How ironic, transformed by a witch in Brazil and IMPORTED back to the USA! HELP!

Sex and the city 6x13: Let there be light

walking past all those guys...

Boy Toys

Playing with them , now that they're changed

"Mary please! this is'nt funny anymore!"
"Shut up Frank! you're a little pink jewel in a girly bracelet-
and that's it! Your life as a bastard is over! do you hear me costume jewelry boy?
It's my wrist , my jewelry box or perhaps my pocket
...Giggle!...or my purse... and there's nothing you can say about it!
Once you were a man with a name and a life and now "Giggle" youre fourth row down from the top, sixth from the right... best of all, you get to caress the lips of dozens and dozens of girls before your gone- you LUCKY boy!
Bob blinks his eyes and finds himself in complete darkness. He tries to yell for help, but no sound comes out. He tries to move, but he is still as a board. He lies there wondering whats happened. He can hear the sounds of someone moving about the room outside this tiny chamber hes closed up in... maybe they could help?
Debbie has just gotten herself dressed for work, her hair is done and now she just has to do her face before she packs up her new purse and heads to the office.
"I dont remember having two tubes of lipstick..." she says to herself, she decides it's odd but nothing to worry about. Whats one more lipstick to a busy girl on the go.. right bob?

James awakens one morning to discover he has become a very pretty high heeled boot sitting in a shop window. His mind races! How did this happen? How long will it last? When will some beautiful woman want to try me on?
The last thought surprizes him, then he realizes that he is now a boot and that his new purpose is to be worn, to adorn the foot of who ever it is that purchases him, to make her beautiful. These booty thoughts warm his soul and he is filled with a happyness he's never known before"
" It's so nice that we could all get together like this and let 3 old freinds catch up."
"I agree Anne. Greg was just saying the nother day how much he misses hanging out with his freinds."
"My boyfreind too! Letting them see each other this way is great, It should put an end to my Danny whineing about how boring it is since i turned him into a shoe."
"I feel a little bad that we had to cast the usual silence spell on them so they cant talk in public- still, just knowing they are together agian must make them feel happy."
"giggle, they are so cute together!"

"Laura..NO!!!! you cant just leave me here..."
"Sigh...even in the end you try to boss me around ... I hope being a shoe teaches you humility Raymond ... But then again, who cares what a shoe feels? you just have to look pretty and match your owners purse..right?"
"Oh Andrew! The spell worked perfectly! You've become an absolute dream in green chiffon!
I hope you enjoy your new existance as a vintage cocktail dress.. you'll only get worn occasionally and inbetween you get to spend months and months hanging in a girls closet with her other dresses!"