"Giggle!, Take one last look Tommy, before I cover you up for the day"

"It was easy enough to slip you the sleeping potion
and get you on the floor where you belong.
Now the only question I have is what style of shoe to turn you into -
a slingback? a wedge? A pump?-
giggle! decisions decisions!"

"What the?....
how did I get on the floor??
why cant i mmMMMMmmpphhhh!!!!
MMMMppphhhhhhh...... mmmmph...mmp.......m........"

" I thought I had lost this left shoe,
I did!, It fell off my foot as I boarded a bus....
How did ..."
"Oh My Gosh! - ANDY??? Is that you?"

" Lacey skirt... that's what I wanted to be....Mmmmmmmm Bliss!"

" I'm glad you like it so! I'm going to let you stay this way!"

"Mmmmmmm..........What? , but you said it would just be for tonight"

"For always!! Lucky lacey little skirt!"

" Nooooooo!!!!!"

It's almost midnight...
If she doesnt change me back soon I'll be stuck this way-
I'll be a femmy little top with sequins and lace..

I hope you match her shoes

"For heaven's sake Jeffery,
It was your idea to be my dress for the day,
I dont care if you hate it,
STOP squirming around or so help me god,
I'm going to take you off and BURN you!"
Zagros and John each awoke to find themselves wraped around the bodies of girls!
Somehow in the course of the night they had transformed into School Girl Uniforms!
I hope they like it, because there doesnt look to be any way to change them back!

"Your change was perfect Mike!
Youre just as stretchy and Klingy as the rest of these pantyhose-
I'm going to love wearing you!"

Is this your dream?

and spend your day at the mall! Lucky little shoe!

"I dont know why you wanted to spend the day as my shoe Jeff,
but now that you have, I think I like you better this way.
I hope you'll like living in my closet"
"I dont care if you never wanted to be turned into one of my tops-
Youre going to stay that way till I decide otherwise!"