"Oh My Gosh! some chick threw away a brand new pair of shoes just because they were a little muddy!- they must of cost at least a hundred dollars!!! SCORE!"

"OH MY GOD, SOMEONE HELP ME!!! THE PRESSURE IS UNBEARABLE!!" screamed Paul, now a top for his ex.
"Sweetie, you were the one that asked for breast implants, so your the one thats gonna carry them." said Kittie with a smile. She couldn't wait to get to her new boyfriends house.

"Oowwww!!!" "Oowww!!!"
"Whats the matter Charles? Not enjoying your new life? All My shirts must strech! This is the only way I feel comfy!"
Charles tried to react, but shivers of pain and pleasure went through his body.
"If you don't approve of this, there is a spot open for a new towel rag in the Kitchen!"

Oh Amy! This is such a nice top. It fits like a glove and everything!" exclaimed Sara as she felt the shirt cling to her body.
"Oh don't thank me!" Amy said with an evil smirk. "It was mostly peter".
Thats one way to teach a cheating husband.

Jenna smiled right after she uttered the spell of silence. Rob was no longer heard, no longer human. She could feel the sutters of fear as they passed through his now bra formed body. Evil thoughs passed through her head as she played with her hair.
"Now sweetie, If your good, and support me, You might just not end up in some guys trash tomorrow". She snickered.
"Who am I kidding, I'll make sure he rips right through you."
Rob knew his life was over.

" Ewww!! , what a stench.... Still.... I have an odd feeling
that there's something worth finding in this dumpster"

"Emma, PLEASE !!!..... You cant just leave me here in the dressing room like this! The sales girl will think..."
"She will think that one of the girls tried you on then left you hanging there. I expect you will be put on misteaken for a real top and hung on a rack with other tops your size...Have fun being owned Anthony"

"....And if you guys thought being changed into handbags was painful
just wait till your filled with all these things for the next week!
Your purses now! Act like it!"
"Heavens! Is it really daylight? and fresh air?.... How long has it been since I've seen the light of day? .....Sob!"

"OMG mom, so this was great grandma's makeup box? Jeez, It looks so cool and functional.. and the powder puff... that was hers as well?"

"Yes Honey, the story is Great Grandma got this case right around the time great grandpa disapeared - sigh- nobody ever heard from him again"

"Oh, are you finally waking up Effy? Yes! .... I did put you in a bag, Yes, youre small enough for a girl like me to carry you around in a little shopping bag- Giggle!... Have you guessed what it is I've changed you into?"

"How do you like the new you Effy? You know rounded toes are the latest trend in womens footwear right? Giggle! you turned out to be so pretty!"

"Ohhhh, poor Effy! I got a little smudge of mud on your

pretty new form of existance...but it's still fun to be worn on my foot isnt it?"

"Isnt this fun Effy? This mud is so delightfully squishy, you feel so
slippery on my foot this way...giggle!"

"Oh, I couldnt possibly wear such a trashed pair of pumps -even if one of them is you Effy... It was fun but now it's time for the dumpster. Once you were a man, but now youre garbage..ewww!"

"OWWWWWW!!!!, you little bastard!"
"Is George not behaving?"
"The little prick is pinching my toes!"
"Teach him a shoe's place in the world.. Drop him off
at a shoemakers shop and have him dyed pink!
"Id rather drop him in my closet with
the rest of my shoes and just leave him there for a year or two"

"It never ends...SOB,,,...... That stripper changed me in the 70's!!!...SOB! And I never wear out...ever... And I've been owned and worn till I've grown out of style..then sold to a thrift store..over and over again...Ive been a leopard pump for more years than I was human.. How long must I be a girly shoe???? .... was i ever a man??"

"Yep, that's the transformation potion"

"But my boyfreind just drank it!"

"You better get him home before the changes start"

"GULP! ...what kind of changes?"

"Well, the bra potion was in the blue cup so..."

"When she said she would give me a room with a view I didnt think it meant id be turned into a shoe in a clear box! I didnt think the view would be from the top shelf of her closet!...I wonder how long she's going to keep me this way?"

"Noooo!!!!!!!!......Please Patty! You can't close me in the case with these other brushes!! You leave me in there for Days and Days...with no one to talk to...Please.... let me go...I'm going nuts in there...you have to change me back!!"
"You're the sillyest blush brush I've ever had! Where else would i keep you? , Just take one more deep breath and understand, it's been a month now. Forget about your life before...You are a blush brush , If you cant take being in such a pretty case, how are you going to deal with eternity in a land fill when i finally throw you away? "

Thomas knew that since the mistress had changed him into a mere tube of lipstick his life was now in total service to hers.

Every day he was being worn down little by little, Everyday he rode within her sacred handbag waiting for the moment he was held in contact with her omnipiant beauty, priveleged to serve..

As if this existance wasnt alien enough to the former man, now he realized that even though he waited within the darkness of her purse, if he concentraited he could see where she had been, through the part of him left behind..he could see what was going on around the trace of himself left on a cup, or a tissue..

OMG!!!! The spell worked and you're like... a perfect duplicate for Megan's eyelash curler! Jeez!! This is great! Now I can swap you our for hers , leave you with her- and you'll be with Meg for like.... YEARS! Makeup wears out, gets full of icky bacteria and junk..an eyelash curler is a TOOL!
And thats you Todd..such a tool!!!!!

"You were the one that wanted to try being my lipstick you fricking jerk! What did you think? you'd lay around my purse for a month? I decided to just use you up all at once and be done with you - Enjoy the rest of your wussie existance where you belong - IN THE DUMP!"

"I'm sorry Mrs Walsh but your husband is rather tied up at the moment."
"Yes, he's in a long merchandise meeting, you know how he likes to get involved with all the new products at the store.."
"No, I dont know when He'll be back - from what i can see of whats going on, I think it will be a long while"
"I'll tell you what, If he takes too much longer, I'll send him home to you alright?"
)) CLICK ((
"Giggle! in a plastic egg"
"And now that I've got you here on the bed with the rest of my stuff it's time for the suitcase"

"Are we going someplace?"

"Does it mater? I mean what does a top care about where it's owner takes it? I'll just pack you into the case with the rest of this stuff and thats that""

"OOOOOOHHHH! Here are some cute ones!!"

"EEEP! No! please please please, move along, dont think I'm a beautiful earring! Once I was a man and if a girl buys me within the next twenty four hours Ill be stuck as a pretty little earring forever! Why did I ever make fun of that girl? How was I suypposed to know she was a witch??"

"I'm telling you... your brother is a perfect match!"
"You don't think he's the wrong shade of pink?"
"No! he's perfect! and once we hang him on the rack and walk away your problems are over"
"Do you think he will ever get used to being a woman's top?
"Who cares how a shirt feels? I mean..it's only a shirt now right?"

"Looks like the magic wishing stone worked -
You're- well, i don't know what you are exactly- a wallet? A mini bag of some sort? Whatever...
And I am your owner! Giggle, I'll figure out what you are when we get home.."

"Whimper! ---- OK, OK! I get it! I'm sorry! I wont be a bad boyfriend any more!"
"Giggle!...no of course not, from now on your just a pair of panties silly!"
"I mean it, I'll be good! Please change me back!"
"It's too late, I've already made up my mind - you're a pair of my panties and I'm back in the dating pool!"
"But, I really don't like this!"
"But I really don't care! Giggle!"

" I just had to document this last part of your transformation.... from now on your just a pretty little dress, no more boy friend, no more job, no more... well no more anything. Now its just a hanger in the closet, a day on my body or a trip to the washing machine...Giggle! hope you enjoy yourself.. as if you had a choice!"

" well.....I think it's all over for me. They chanted their chant and lit their candles and doused me with some sort of liquid... and now they're all sitting over there, not even looking my way... It must have worked... they must have changed me into one of their purses.. I'm lying on a table between two other handbags, I must be one of them... And I feel all bloated on the inside, like I'm filled with objects... and I smell perfume.. on me.. "

"I guess I will never be human again... sob!! .. I'M SO HAPPY!!"

"Unnnhhh! Jeez! Unggghhhhh! They're so heavy!
Unghhh! Why wont they just hold still!
Unghhhh! I cant bear it!
Unnnnghh! Why did i wish...unghhhhhh! ....to be her top?"

"Please Nancy! This isn't funny! Help me up!"
"I think its funny! I think its very funny that my rich
powerful boyfriend is going to spend the rest
of his existence as a high heeled boot!
"Please! Don't even joke about such a thing!"
"Who's joking boot boy?"

"No, now you're a bra and Im about to hang you on the rack behind this dark colored bra"

"Please? Cant we talk about this?????"

"Silly little girly bra! What could I possibly have to say to a dainty underthing like you?"




"Giggle - George is just bouncing around in my purse, I dont think he likes that I've changed him into a lipstick."

!!!!! PLEASE!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!

GET ME DOWN FROM HERE! I promise to be a good shoe!!! ---sob! ---

"No more complaining about going back to my old life...---sob---, I know youre NEVER changing me back.."

" I promise..."

"....I can almost remember a before time.. When i want here for the mistress waiting... The walking with the two legs that were mine and the eating too, so long ago....Was that even me? Am i just remembering the mistress and her man friend.. i see the man friend when she wears me...mmmmmmm to be worn by the mistress.. when shall she wear me again??...

"I know you feel bad about taking him against his will...
But he's become a really great sexy pair of pantyhose ,
excellent conjuring by the way"

"Thanks, I guess I'd feel better if i could just
get him to stop squirming around.
Why don't men ever just accept their fate
after they're transformed?"
Sexy pumps

so she wears you out and makes a point of visiting the store where you bought your video games,, and you will never play such games again,, she owns you.

"OK Charles, Just let me take a few shots with you sitting in the window with all the other high heels and....CLICK....OK! we're done"

Great! OK so I stood in for the missing shoe you needed for your shot.. so change me back"

"Oh.... um..... let me just run home and look at the spell book and see about that"


"I'll see you later Charles, try not to get sold while I'm gone OK?"

As a man, Alphonse never imagined that a woman's handbag was such a useful tool.

He'd seen girls carrying them and had always thought they were little more than a decoration.

Since his transformation hes finding that purses are workhorses.

Being packed full of her belongings was one thing,

having to endure the lowly status of a piece of luggage...it was all hard to get used too.

He used to drive his girlfriend around in his car,

now he lays at her feet in silence while her new boyfriend does the driving.

If he could cry he would!

...."But is he supposed to be crying?"

..."But you said he wouldn't feel a thing"

..."So he's completely aware he's nothing but a shoe?"

..."Oh no, ....in fact I'm happy he's this way!
I'm going to step on him extra hard...
He's going to be crying forever!"

"Don't worry, you'll probably grow to love being a dress"
"I know we didn't plan on me loosing the magic wand and you being stuck this way"
"and I cant keep you myself because I cant deal with all that guilt..it was MY idea after all..."
"Please! noooommmmmmppphhhhhh!!!!"
"And there goes your ability to talk, yes, you're going to be a lovely dress and some girl is going to adore the way you make her look, so goodbye dress, and good luck!"

"Unnnhhhh....Where am I?"
"Where you belong! Where I'm going to get rid of you forever"
" What did you do to me??"
" I turned you into a high heel shoe you jerk! a right shoe, you took the place of the shoe I turned into you!"
"Thats right! the shoe makes a better man than you ever were..and you? your a girly little shoe in a girly little box waiting to be sold at my yard sale"
"Shut up SHOE!"

"You look absolutely perfect! and youre a knit dress now... that means you'll hug my every curve...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I cant wait to put you on!"

"I've got earrings and some shoes that are going to go so well with you!


"It's amazing isnt it? one moment corporate CEO and the next a dot of green eyeshadow in a case destined to ride deep within my purse..whodathunkit?"
metro 9

Train Travel is a bit different as a shoe!

Once upon a time a sniveling person who dared to question the power of one of the witcheyest witches that ever witched. They went back and forth in conversation here on the BLOG and Jango just had enough...POOF!
Human existance became object existance, and all was right in the universe.

Here is the photo by our own **-JANGO FEET-** and her victim --TINALYNNE--

"Who knew that such a tuff guy would become such a flirty little skirt!"
"I should have done this YEARS ago!!"

"What do you mean you dont want to change back?"
"I want my boyfreind not another LIPSTICK!!"
"Come out of there this instant!!"