"My stupid boyfreind found a wish coin
and just said the first thing that came to mind.
He wished that I would be in love with him
and that he would be perfect in my eyes..
and POOF! now he's a pair of pumps.
he's gorgeous and I want to wear him,
but he was such a good boyfreind that
I know I'm going to miss him!"

"This shade? I call it "Mister Gearey"...
yes, it is an odd name for a lipstick color LOL!"
"J.R. I really hope youre enjoying being this Ballet dress
because there is no way to change you back..
you just have to be pretty forever,
Oh, and By the way?
the woman from the ballet costume department is arriving soon,
I've donated you to the school! I'snt that great???"

Deb turned her head to her best freind Cynthia and said
"...And there was a knock on my door,
and when I answered it all I found was a box"
"Was there a return adress?"
"No... just a plain brown box with a picture of a squid on it,
anyway, when I opened it there was this Buttery soft Leather Pencil skirt!!
I put it right on!
"It looks great on you Deb- much better than any leather I've ever found"
"I know! according to the lable, the brand is "LEATHER LUV"
...I've never heard of it before but I'll be looking for it now"

My Favorite Minnesota - Shopping - Shoes Fashion Sales

Take your pick boys! Lots of girly things to choose from!

Dave had seen this sign and laughed to himself about the vanity and frailty of women,
Now after his ex girlfreind had transformed him
and placed him upon her dainty foot..
the sign had become a symbol or terror.
"She would'nt walk down there now, with me as her shoe...would she?"

"Mmmppphhhhh Mmmphhhh!"
"Quiet George! I agreed to turn you into
my underwear and wear you only if you agreed to stay quiet!
Arent you man enough to be my panties?"

"Im sure Roger had something else in mind
when he begged to be changed into something girly"
"What are you talking about?
I turned him into a curler to replace the one that melted last week,
Men dont use curlers do they?
Curlers are girly arent they?...
and this way he gets to help hundreds of women to look nice
- the ultimate tool for feminine beauty!"
"Well Roger was certainly a tool alright! giggle... Now hes a girly one!"

"But dont you think it's mean of us to just leave him there in the store?
I mean the shop girl has no idea he was a man-
She's going to sell him like any other shoe -
some girl is going to own and wear him!"
"He's a shoe now- thats his purpose right?"
"I suppose, but we know he was human, that he had a life...
what sort of existence will he have now being , a ladies shoe?"
"Who cares? - lets go get lunch"

"mmmmmm" You've become the most adorable pair of eyeglasses Dillon,
Now I can put you in my mouth like this-
right in front of anyone..MMmmmmmmmm!"
Ahhhhhh! Mmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhh! Yessssssss!"

"The best part is that I'm going to wear you every time I go over and console
your poor ex girlfreind. She's going to miss you so much, and I'm going to tell
her everything is going to be alright as I press my foot into the face of my new MANOLI
sandals! Gosh, I'm going to LOVE you HATING being my favorite shoe!
"It was so thoughtful of Trey to leave me such nice presents on the bed!
A Corset with Garters!
I mean- I assume they were for me, even though they were tangled in a pile of his clothes...wasnt he wearing that shirt and pants today??
When he gets home I'm going to have to think of a way to thank him!"
"That bow makes you perfect! I hope the sewing machine didnt hurt much!"
"You bitch! I'm going to kill you when i change back!!"
" My! such language from a pretty little shoe! You wouldnt speak to your owner like that if you knew that all that thread I stitched into you is enough to stop the spell from reversing... You're going to stay a shoe forever!"

"Look, I dont know where Tony is - OK? I havent seen the man in days!
"mmmmmmpphhhh! Mmmmppphhh!"
"Don't pay attention to that, I just left my Ipod running in my purse"