On sale for less than $40.00! and youre being modeled on TV!

Takes pictures of the boys she transformed

"Ugggghhhhhhh.... I've been a shoe since 1986! She never wears me anymore...I cant blame her, I'm brown and so out of style...I should have thought out my wish.. style is so fleeting..."

"That's right Hugo- youre a skin tight Houndstooth skirt and youre so cute!,
a pity you decided to change in winter though...
I dont know how much you can see from under my coat
but I'm enjoying wearing you!"

"All the Girls smile for the camera..all the boys..errr... you guys just lie there ok?"

"Tom, Dick and Harry? ... I just LOVE your new look!

"The potion to change your husband into a round red purse was free,
but it will cost you $300.00 if you want to leave him on display here at the shop"
"Let's chip in and leave him here - it's a bargin really!"

You wished to be a red dress...

and here is a day in your new life!

Vintage Shopping in Paris

a shoe in her hand in PARIS!

"I know I said this was punishment for one night but I really like you as a handbag!"
"But...you gave your word... just for one day..."
"Don't fret, maybe I'll change you back..next week"
"Gulp! Maybe?"
"Now shut up and be a good handbag,
before I get mad and make the change permanent!"

"This morning this lovely silk sari appeared at my doorstep wraped in a box with no note. The care lable inside says it was manufactured by a company called "ANIMA" but neither my mother or sister have heard of such a company- I dont normally accept gifts from strangers but this Sari is so very pretty and delicate I cant help but want to wear it. Thank you Anima whoever you are!"
After months of sitting on a shelf with lots of other shoes, dear sweet Effy is blinded by a FLASH of light. When his (he was a pink shoe for months.. is he a he or an it now?) vision clears he senses he is now a white satin bra sitting in a shopping bag thats being carried by a woman through the mall... could it be Effy got his wish??

the strain of holding them....TOO MUCH!
I'm going to explode from the pressure!
HELPPPPPPP!!!!! Please!
somebody has to hear me! Please get me off her!
"LOL! Get used to it Bobby-I'm wearing you everyday !"

"....Uhhhhhhh- why cant I move? unhhhhhh... , where am I?
Handbags? Why am I on a shelf with all these ladies handbags?
Whats going on? ...
What did that bitch of a girlfreind put in my drink??
I've got a bad feeling about this!"

"It's been over a week! I'm still hanging here in this store with the other (GULP!) pink bras..
These women dont realize that once I was A man...now Im going to spend the rest of my days bearing the weight of the breasts of the woman who buys me... sob! I dont want to be a bra!!

"I'd use the spell to change Tom into a copy of that cute red tote"
"Hmmmmm... but white patent is whats in this season...."

"Just be glad i didnt make you too girly-
Blue is for boys right?
Now guess where your new home is?"
"Black with a pink bow- well Jessy, I must say, you have impressed me with the creativity of your transformation- You've done much better than the rest of the class- Now I will give you an A+ if you can say the magic word without your mouth! lol! I get more under wear this way!

Shoe Department Macy's

One of these shoes was a guy...

Girls Shopping

You wished to be a really femmy handbag....this is what could happen to you

Even though Tina was glad
she had turned her stupid boyfreind into an adorable red dress
that looked so good on her,
she still missed him from time to time

"Hannah had changed her husband James into her pantyhose to teach him a lesson in humility, Instead he seemed to enjoy rippeling his new elastic body over the flesh of her legs. She was so embarassed! When she got him home it was going to be at least ten cycles in the washing machine and a month in her underwear drawer before she spoke to him again!"

Edgar had become such a pretty pair of pantys that Ling couldnt leave home without him! Even on days when he wasnt being worn she carried him in her purse so she could always feel his silky body when she needed to!

Jessica let her Ex Bill have a peek at who was sitting at the table. She could feel him sob as he saw she was sitting with his friends and family drinking a toast to his memory. They had no idea he was now nothing but his ex girlfriend's bra, and that he was right there with them!

"Awwwwww!, Don't cry baby,
When I called Squid and told her how blabby you were
since I changed you she said
the only thing to do was to treat you like the shoe you are!
I'll see you again in about a year,
just keep telling yourself youre nothing but a shoe in a shoe box-
a year will go by in a snap!"