"....Gahh! Where am I? I feel so stretched out...
Like I'm my whole body is one thin sheet stretched so tight around something warm and soft..
I can see a woman's legs in fishnets..So HUGE!
What's happened?

"Oh Bridgette, You're so funny!
It was you re idea to turn Mister Franklyn into that strappy top.
You may be feeling guilty but I don't.
Go ahead and call the police.
Do you think there is any way to prove your top was once our boss?
Ill just say you're crazy and I don't know what you're talking about."
"What? You Bitch!"
"Oh ... If you try to incriminate me in any way?
I think you and our former employer
would make an absolutely adorable pair of Slingbacks!... "

"OMG Rob! You've totally changed into LIPSTICK!
How does it feel to be down there in that little tube?
Ive got to get you to that Gypsy who sold me this spell
so we can change you back!
I hope you re not afraid of the dark
because the best way to carry you is to put your cap on
and take you there in my purse..
but...before I do... you re such a Pretty shade.."

"Oh No!, When I changed myself into this shoe,
I thought Ashley would be buying me...not her MOM!"

Dear Bra

Thanks Numballover for this!