".....Much worse than I thought, weeks have gone by
..still her -(Gulp!) Bra...
She's liking me this way, enjoys my humiliation...
leaves me here as she does it with my best freind..
wants me here in the room as they do it...
stuck like this... how long?....how long?..."


"....But she knew!
She knew that this lipstick transformation
was just a way to get me into the concert
without a ticket
...She was supposed to say the magic words
and change me back..
and if she used me,
that I'd be trapped as her lipstick forever!
Look at her! She doesnt even care,
she looks HAPPY!""

"That's what you get for always wanting me to wear skimpy outfits!
Now you get to see what it's like to have men
gawk at you when you wear short skirts and low cut tops
- Tomorrow I'm putting you on display
in the window of the lingerie shop I work at"

"OMG! Frank- are you alright?"
"I should have listened to you
when you said I was a size bigger,
Now I've ripped you
and you may be stuck as my jeans forever!"
"But you said it was just for the day...
I dont want to be your jeans FOREVER!"
"Dont worry, if you are stuck
I promise to go on a diet so you'll fit"
"....And youre going to stay this way
till I'm good and ready to change you back...
If I change you back at all !"


"..... suddenly all pink,
some sort of cloth in fron to me,
cant see,
I'm hanging from a stick of some sort...
all pink,
my world is suddenly all pink...
where am I?..
why cant I move?.."

"Goodbye Lance,
"mmmmmpphhh!! Mmmpphh!"
I'm sure when they change this window display
you'll be sold to a girl who can really love you."
"!!!! Hhllllpppp!!!!"

" Ughhhh! first she drugs me,
then she uses magic on me,
then she hangs me from her shoulder
and makes me carry
all her chick shit for a year,
and just when I thought
it couldnt get any worse..."

"Of course youre all muddy!
Youre my shoe now Darren,
thats what happens to your kind,
you protect my foot
and make it look pretty
but dont worry,
I'll polish you as soon as we get home!"

Stop riding up
or I am not going to wear you to the party!
I mean it!"