"oh Stanley, It would be too hot If I wore you now!
Stop struggling... just relax and lie there like a good coat.
I promise to unpack you and change you back into yourself
as soon as I arrive in the hotel room..
just think of this as a... sleeping bag!"

"You say you like our dresses? That's so sweet!
but we really have our boyfriends to thank...
After they told us they didn't want to take us to the dance
we decided to take them... as our gowns!
They turned out really pretty didn't they?"

"You're looking better than you ever did as my husband!"

"Please Meg... change me back..."

"No, this is perfect, you're an absolutely adorable hat now"

" no... please... you cant leave me this way..."


All I did was go on one date
with that woman from the office..
what was that?... Five YEARS ago?
Then POOF!...
she wears me a few times and then it's here...
This is how it all ends..
Life goes on out there, and I'm stuck in here.
I wonder If she even remembers
which one of these dresses I am?


"Let me go!"

"But I like you this way!
You're doing very useful work being my lip gloss wand..
How would I touch up my makeup without you?"


"and finally, a step back and...
The transformation spell worked!
You look just like all the other products in the line Charlie!

I just know you are going to make some girl really happy when she buys you."


Mentos commercial (Broken Shoe) from the 90s

OMG! she changes you into a shoe, wears you with a matching real shoe- then the real shoe breaks, she eats some candy, decides you are nothing but a shoe now... and then treats you like ... A SHOE! and you of course are trapped forever!

high heel shopping3

high heels shopping2

high heels shopping1

The Pursuit of Shoes

Imagine two girls fighting over you!