"I'm sorry Tim... what were you just saying?...
something about me being "Useless"
and something about wanting to "Break up" with me?
"Mmphhh! Mmphh!"
"No , you're right.. we should break up.
Tell you what,
I'll just leave you here on this table with all these other pretty shoes.."
"Oh yes.. Didn't I ever tell you,
one of the most "Useless" things about me is I'm a witch..
and you're a shoe.
Have a nice life!"

"That's it Britta, don't turn back... just keep walking
It was Donald's fondest wish to be turned into a wedding dress,
You just go back to your life and I'll make sure he's sold to the right girl "

"Awwww... there there.. don't cry.
I'll figure out a way
to get all of you changed back into people.
It may take a while
but I'll clear out a drawer
in my lingerie chest
where you can wait comfortably.
I know its not a hotel..
but you're all panties after all..."

Girl in Blue - "Awww! I think Cassie did a great job turning the mail man into that handbag- He's Adorable!"

Girl in foreground - " Thank you Linda! I think he turned out great!"

Girl sitting on steps - "Yawn... I would have made him a pair of panties,

that's a much more humiliating thing for a man to become"

"Ughhh! Unhhhh!
It's no use, I cant move!
Since Meridith said those weird words
Ive fallen to the floor and cant seem to move..
Here comes Meridith now..
why is she laughing?
what is she planning to do with that hanger?"

"Ok, ok...
let me close my eyes and try again..
nope... youre still a skirt"

"And where do you think you're going?
Stop wasting time
and hop on back into my shopping bag
so I can make the salesgirl think I'm returning you.
You can do it on your own
or we can wait another few seconds
till the paralysis spell kicks in
and leaves you like every other dress.."
" .... and as the last step of the coven's spell, we must think of all the men in our lives who have cheated on us, hurt us, or stood in the way of our happiness. We must envision their bodies twisting and shrinking down to become the new forms we have chosen for them. We must be clear that their ability to think and see and feel are in tact so they always know what they've lost... and with the final klink of the vessels which hold the sacrificial wine we set our pantie spell in motion........"


"Giggle! There, you see? You did great today!"
"Ughhh! what a relief to get all that stuff out of me!
It felt so strange to hold all those things inside
and just dangle from your arm all day."
"But you're so good at it
- really-
there were moments I forgot you were my boyfriend
and not just another purse"
"Well I'm glad your little magic spell experiment
is over and you'll be changing me back"
" yeah... About that changing back part...."

I know this probably will feel very strange,
but if I don't pull you up soon I'll be late for work.
You're going to be a great pair of jeans Kenny
so stop crying and just deal with it!"