"Now i know your both a little scared about whats going to happen next, but dont worry. I take pretty good care of my shoes".
"I know you're leaving behind your old lives to serve me, and that it's all so new to you both.. Just think of it this way, from now on you have one task , and thats to make my feet look pretty- there, can you see how easy things are from now on?"
"I'm going to put you on now, try not to scream for too long, I have to get my nails done in an hour and I dont want to be late."
"Mirror Mirror in my hand, Only you and I know that Once you were a man"

SKIN DEEP By Squidonhead

The day I discovered my girlfreind was a witch was ..at the time.. the happiest day of my life. I had always had the fantasy of being changed into articles of female clothing and being worn, mmmmmmmmmm.
Just the thought of it excites me even now!
She told me her secret, about being a witch i mean, and was so happy i didnt run screaming. I told her my secret, about wanting to be her clothes for a while and she smiled and kissed me and looked at me with wanton lust in her eyes.
"This is a match made in heaven" she said..and then light flashed from her eyes and i was looking up at my now giant girlfreind from the floor. She reached down and picked me up and dashed to the mirror.
I could see she was holding a pair of lacey pink panties and i realized she was holding me!
I spent the day being worn by her, hidden under her skirt and that night after she changed me back we made love with a new passion.
Years went by. I had become every kind of garment and accessory a girl could want. I was still extaticly happy but i could tell the thrill had gone out of it for her. She seemed bored.
The next time she used her magic she changed me into something odd. My entire body became liquid and the magic directed me into a small bottle she held.

She lifted me up to her face and explained, "My dear, I'm affraid its over between us. I'm no longer excited by you and your wish to be so helpless and totaly under my control. I need a real man to please me, not some wimp that longs to be all girly."
I was overcome with sudden terror! She went on..
"Still, you have been a pretty good guy and there's a part of me that never wants to let you go. I've thought about this for a long time and decided you will always be a part of me"
The door bell rang.
"Thats Jeff, my new boyfreind"
She put the cap on the bottle i was in, sealing me within and placed me on the table. Moments later she returned to the kitchen leading Jeff by the hand and made a point of tounge kissing him deeply in front of me. While their mouths were locked she opened her eyes and stared at me on the table, getting off on the fact she was doing this in front of me!

I wanted to cry but of course i couldnt in this state.

"Are you still excited about it?" Jeff asked her.
"Oh yeah! " she replied , "Just let me get my stuff"
Jeff took a seat at the table while she went to the bedroom to get her jacket. He noticed my bottle and even picked me up.
"Is this that special ink you were telling me about?" He asked.
She returned "yes it is, I had it specialy made just for this". She took me from his hand and lowered me down into the gaping maw of her open purse. I sat between her check book and makeup bag when she closed the clasp and lifted the purse onto her shoulder.
I sat in there for what felt like an hour feeling the bag sway, and listening to their muffled conversation as they traveled.
At last the bag opened and she took me out and handed me to a rather rough looking fellow with a long grey beard and a leather vest.
He opened my bottle and poured me bit by bit into a vibrating chamber of some kind. I felt squeezed and pinched and then oddly enough warm and cozy. I was surrounded by my girlfreinds smell, i could feel her familiar warmth all around me. I was looking up into a brilliant light for hours and hours.
Finally the rough looking man told her "Thats going to be sore for a while, but the swelling will come down"
Jeff said "Wow! thats beautiful baby! congratulations!"
S he stood, and i felt myself rise up out of the blinding light. On the wall there was a full length mirror that she stood before and I could finally see what had become of me.

"Beautiful! " she said with a smile, "It's exactly what i wanted!"
And there i was, across her back, a dragon tattoo. I knew that my fate was sealed, and that I was now a part of her, forever.

"Ahem" "Glad I have your attention boys, as you know the spell I used to change you all into my lipsticks is supposed to end when i used you up,but I never seem to wear any shade long enough to use any of you up... so I've decided to stop stringing you all along.
It's time to clean out my make up drawer and throw you all away! Now you get to have closure- your old lipstcks..enjoy the landfill!"

"But it's already been a week"

"I said I'd change you back when I was ready and I'm not ready"

" But I have a job I have to get back too, A life..."

" Keep nagging me and being my purse is going to be your job - FOREVER, being my purse will be your LIFE!


"what have i done? I got so angry arguing with Henry this morning that I just got fed up and used the transmuting spell to change him into a bra for the day, He didnt like it when I strapped him on ,and he hated it when i covered him uo with this top.
The girls and I went shopping and i left him in the dressing room at Victoria's Secret by misteak! - he's either trash or hanging on a rack waiting to be sold."

"Hmmmmmm, I'm pretty sure one of these skirts used to be a boyfreind of mine ..I can't remember... Oh well, if i dont sell him tomorrow at the yard sale then it's off to the good will donation bin."


"That's right, Mascarra, you're a mascarra brush screwed into a fresh bottle of mascarra"


"Oh , no need to thank me- i hope you're still happy when your all used up and sitting in the trash"


"Oh this dress is adorable!"

"At last! you have to help me! My exgirlfreind used some kind of drug to change me into this dress,,you have to find her, get her to change me back!"

"You mean you were a person?"

"Yeah! Once i was a man!"

"Excellent! Now i have to buy you!"


"Shut up DRESS! from now on I own you and there's nothing you can do about it!

"If I had known changing my landlord into a handbag was that easy, I'd have done it years ago"

"You'll never get away with this! I'm going to have you arrested! You're going to be hearing from my lawyer!!"

"Handbags dont have lawyers, and you'll be too busy lugging my stuff around or sitting in my closet to ever do anything else-now stop squirming and be a good little purse..OK?"

"3 Years of dating, One night of cheating and 6 weeks of being shut up in my purse. One of these days I'm going to forget and it's going to get really messy for you".

"Tommy says he's real sorry he yelled at us and he wants us to change him back"

"Like that's going to happen! Just put him down with the rest of the shoes on the ground and the clerk will put him in a box with that other boot he matches"

"You want to just leave him here?..To be a boot..forever??"

" He deserves it, come on, I want to look at the skirts"

"please let me go...I promise to be more careing...I can be a better boyfreind to you.."

"Did you say something to me DRESS?"

"please use your magic to change me back...please?"

"Sorry, but it was a single use spell, You're a copy of one of the dresses on this rack, and by the time I open up shop, your ability to speak will be gone"

" but you cant keep me this way! I've got a mmmmfff

mmff mmfff..!!!"

"Face it, from now on youre a dress. Now let me tag you with a price and we're all set."

" Stop squirming and accept it, Youre not a man any more, you're not human anymore, you're one of my shoes..and that's it!"


"You and your friends have a nice time in my closet OK?"
"You guys!, wait a sec, I want to take a picture of Tammy's new purse"

"You mean the guy she changed into a coach bag yesterday?"

"Ya! He was like..so big and scarey when he went walking by..and now he's holding her lipstick and keys and sitting on the sink in the ladies room waiting for her to finish up"

"But it's late, the jokes over, I have to get home"

"You ARE home- welcome to our make up drawer!"


"It's where we keep all our cosmetics, when theyre not in our purses..It's your new home, what with you being a compact and all"

"The best part of learning to Speed Read is that it lets you cast spells super fast! These four teenaged guys were hassleing me on the street and PRESTO! four darling little purses for my shop!"