"You look absolutely perfect! and youre a knit dress now... that means you'll hug my every curve...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I cant wait to put you on!"

"I've got earrings and some shoes that are going to go so well with you!


"It's amazing isnt it? one moment corporate CEO and the next a dot of green eyeshadow in a case destined to ride deep within my purse..whodathunkit?"
metro 9

Train Travel is a bit different as a shoe!

Once upon a time a sniveling person who dared to question the power of one of the witcheyest witches that ever witched. They went back and forth in conversation here on the BLOG and Jango just had enough...POOF!
Human existance became object existance, and all was right in the universe.

Here is the photo by our own **-JANGO FEET-** and her victim --TINALYNNE--

"Who knew that such a tuff guy would become such a flirty little skirt!"
"I should have done this YEARS ago!!"

"What do you mean you dont want to change back?"
"I want my boyfreind not another LIPSTICK!!"
"Come out of there this instant!!"


" Not only did I take away all traces of your humanity, but I turned you into an object that will serve a "STUPID"girl. Oh... and because you think we girls are so stupid? I made you a really UGLY shoe! giggle! so the girl that buys you would have to be stupid! "

" Use your mighty intellect to get yourself out of this onge Mister High Heel!"

"NO! PLEASE!!!!"

"Giggle" Now into the box and into my bag....and shake..."


"You were a gambeling man Dereck, you're in there with six real Tampons... What are the odds you make through my next cycle...hmmmmm??"

"Stop squirming George, You knew I was going to bring you to work and hang you up on the rack with all the other pretty BRAs when you asked me to change you."


"Be a man! You asked me to help you get to know women better so I changed you into an adorable lavender BRA...You ought to be thanking me!

MMppphhh! MMRRRRRR!!!!

"Fine! Be that way! Now I'm gonna hang you all the way in back... and I'm not coming to get you when my shifts over! Enjoy your new life Bra boy!"

How to walk in your ex boyfreind, and another BF is your BRA!

"Is he OK?"
"Of course he is! He's just getting over the shock of being transformed"
"So he's a lipstick and he's fully aware of what we say and do?
"He can hear us, He knows whats happened to him"
"So what now?"
"Put him in your purse and let's get on with the evening!"


One from the old Yahoo groups from LADYMISSFLOWER! Thanks Hun!

"How are you doing in there ? Are you getting along with all the rest of my stuff? I like to keep a harmonious handbag afterall.."

Do they know WHO they are buying?

"It took some creative thinking but i finally figured a way to get the entire gymnastics team to Denver with just one plane fare...mine! I know theyre all pretty mad at me now, but they'll thank me later when we win the championship! ... Now to get a purse that I can fit all this stuff in!"
Mike Jittlov: Swing Shift (1974)

LOL! an entire store of Transformies!

"I don't believe this! Is this MARK????"
"OH MY GOSH! How did you guy's know I've always wanted to wear MARK under my clothes?"
"AWWWWW!! listen..."
"He's so happy to join my lingerie collection..he's CRYING!"
"Ughh! Ughhh! Let me go!"
"Nonsense! Where would you possibly go like that?
"What do you mean?"
"I changed you into a frilly pair of silk panties, and I've got you clipped up with the clothes I'm going to wear tomorrow"
"Ughhh! it's like my hands are tied! I can't move them"
"Giggle! you go on and keep struggling, YAWN! I'll see you in the morning."

"I wanted to get married! You were the one who said he was happy to just HANG OUT! So now you get what you want..FOREVER! Hang there between my other bags tonight and then hang from my shoulder or elbow, or hand till i decide you've gone out of style. And don't worry, I'll never throw you away, I'll just keep you on the closet shelf till you're back in style.. any girl could tell you it's usually a TEN year cycle!"

"Sob!....So this is it? Get into an argument with your girlfriend

when you point out how useless her job at the shoe store is

and then POOF!

become a shoe that she puts in the window of the shop she works at

..sob....it's not fair!"

"I see her laugh at me when she comes and goes from the shop

...Sob...... I don't want to be a woman's shoe!

I hate it when she pulls me from the window

and lets some girl stick her stinky foot in me..

I feel so violated and helpless..

and nobody but my girlfriend even knows who I really am...SOB"

"And i made your case pink so you'd look extra femmy in my purse- giggle!"

"Honey? cant we talk about this?"

"Dont be silly! Women dont talk to their lipsticks! We just apply them a few times a day till theyre all worn down to pretty little nubs, and then we throw them away to make room for new ones"


"I'm doing this for the both of you! You keep being all gentle with him and he keeps on bitching and moaning of how awful this is for him, you both have to realize that he's your purse, he's not human any more..you OWN him!"


"But why is he in the dryer???"

"He's got to learn his place. If he doesnt like lugging your things and hanging from your shoulder he has to know it can get alot worse for him.. alot worse!"

"See? that wasnt so bad was it? You spent the entire day on my foot and nobody suspected that you were ever anything more than my shoe"

"Heh! Yeah! that was an interesting day...so now youre going to change me back right?"

" Well I was going too, but your such a comfortable shoe, and you're so pretty..."

"What? NO!"

" I'm just going to use the spell of silence, That way you wont be tempted to speak, and make you a shoe forever. Congratulations! you're free of the rat race! Enjoy your new home with the rest of the shoes in my closet"


" THIS IS'NT FUNNY!!, change me back right now!"
"Lol, this is really funny! now i can always keep an eye on you..literally!"
" I suggest you stop talking and start acting like the girly pair of sunglasses you are. Sunglasses dont speak and if you insist on making noise I can drop you into one of my old handbags in my closet till next summer. You dont want that do you??"
Charlie & The Chocolate factory 1971

Not an object transformation exactly but he does wind up in her purse, and she tells him to be quiet,
Pretty Young Blonde With Pretty Dirty Feet_Trailer

A purse's propper place during a meal with a girl freind
My Feet

s she says the magic word over and over..you feel a change....
Re: Shoes

Do they even know one of these shoes used to be....
PEOPLE Magazine's StyleWatch 2006: Fall's Top Fashion Trends

Transformation Tips, Kinda!

" Being in the hamper for a week was humiliating, being tossed into the wash just like any other bit of her clothing made me feel like the lowest of the low , but hanging to dry here on the balcony, where the entire neighborhood can see me trapped as her pretty blue bra....GULP!...it's turning me on! What's wrong with ME??????"
No lie! this is for real and a bit gruesome! Check out the story.