Maybe I just like you better this way. Here, in my hand. Now I always know where you are and whenever I look at my nails I can just laugh and remeber how helpful you've become!
I may even get sad when your bottle runs out of polish and I have to throw you in the trash, but then you proved you were garbage when you cheated on me ..didnt you ?
It was all I could do to keep from laughing when I ran into that slut you were two timing me with. She went on and on about how pretty my nails were..and you were sitting in my purse the entire time! She never suspected!

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Anonymous said...

Let's head to the mall and we'll hook up with your old nemesis, the biker guy who always bullied namby-pamby mamas-boys like you. I'll outrageously flirt with him at the restaurant by treating him to a 'toe-job' - sneakily tickling his ever-swelling tumescent crotch with my adorable painted tootsies. I'll bet you'll really enjoy that, even if you never admit it!