"It never ends...SOB,,,...... That stripper changed me in the 70's!!!...SOB! And I never wear out...ever... And I've been owned and worn till I've grown out of style..then sold to a thrift store..over and over again...Ive been a leopard pump for more years than I was human.. How long must I be a girly shoe???? .... was i ever a man??"

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Ef-Master said...

Ok... Stripper in the 70's. That's something that would be nice to see in a future caption. Tf'ed by a stripper is just soooo perfect. Do they always pick up the things they stripped out of before leaving the stage or do they leave them there till the end of the night? How many times would they wear them? How many people do they share the clothings with. Makes you wonder doesn't it?