"Whimper! ---- OK, OK! I get it! I'm sorry! I wont be a bad boyfriend any more!"
"Giggle!...no of course not, from now on your just a pair of panties silly!"
"I mean it, I'll be good! Please change me back!"
"It's too late, I've already made up my mind - you're a pair of my panties and I'm back in the dating pool!"
"But, I really don't like this!"
"But I really don't care! Giggle!"


Efmaster said...

I must say Squid. You really know how to find pictures. And the ideas you come up with are amazing as well. It would be really exciting to be transformed by someone of your creativity :)

Squidonhead said...

Thanks Effy! I spend WAY too much time exploring the web looking for images, my current file has well over a hundred images waiting to be captioned. And lastly, if this sort of magic did exist and I was its weilder, I'd waste no time! Id have a complete wardrobe of men turned clothing! Id be happy to make you a permanent resident of my closet!

Rene Leinfelder said...

Hello squidonhead

Please transform me into your panties Please!!

i will lay in your underwear drawer

Rene Leinfelder said...

hello Squidonhead

please transform me into your panties Please

I will get in your underwear drawer