"Oh My Gosh! some chick threw away a brand new pair of shoes just because they were a little muddy!- they must of cost at least a hundred dollars!!! SCORE!"

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Effy said...

"Oh my God! She's seen me." Effy tries to move almost believing that the effort would draw attention. "Would she wear me or sell me? If she's walking these streets all the time then its better if she sells me. Maybe someone living in a cleaner place would buy me."

Effy thinks more. "Then again she looks quite skinny and the girl who buys me may not be as skinny. I can't stand carrying too much weight." Effy shivers in his mind thinking about it and then slowly gets hopeful. "Since I was worn by a witch with a thin body, maybe I won't really fit a fat girl."

Effy anxiously awaits to see what's in store as he sees the skinny hand of the girl reaching for him.