" Not only did I take away all traces of your humanity, but I turned you into an object that will serve a "STUPID"girl. Oh... and because you think we girls are so stupid? I made you a really UGLY shoe! giggle! so the girl that buys you would have to be stupid! "

" Use your mighty intellect to get yourself out of this onge Mister High Heel!"


Efmaster said...

It would be nice to see the "Stupid Girl" who wears the shoes.

Squidonhead said...

Well then Elfmaster- who is an excellent crafter of tales - sounds like you've intellectually challenged your own creative self!
If you create it..I will definitley post it! You will recieve all credit of course and the readers will get to see work from one of the best transformation writers ever!

EF-Master said...

You have ways to manipulate me. I don't know what you did, but I actually went through all the pics I have to look for the right one for the story. I can't make it a short caption though and it has to be two pictures long. I just can't seem to make my captions stick to one picture. How would I send it to you once its done?

Squidonhead said...

Thats the easy part. Just email it to me. Go through the yahoo group or scroll through the messages here to find my name in red highlite.
Send the story in chapters with one pic per chapter.
also, This being Blogger, please keep it rated PG if you know what i mean. Please?