"See? that wasnt so bad was it? You spent the entire day on my foot and nobody suspected that you were ever anything more than my shoe"

"Heh! Yeah! that was an interesting day...so now youre going to change me back right?"

" Well I was going too, but your such a comfortable shoe, and you're so pretty..."

"What? NO!"

" I'm just going to use the spell of silence, That way you wont be tempted to speak, and make you a shoe forever. Congratulations! you're free of the rat race! Enjoy your new home with the rest of the shoes in my closet"



Lee said...

Wow Squid, this is my favorite picture. I wish I was this pair of shoes.

Squidonhead said...

So glad you liked it Lee! And if it's any consulation, I wish you were a pair of shoes too!

Diana said...

Hey Girl- I gotta tell you that I love you website. I love black, high heeled sandals and feel that a girl can never have too many pairs. I pic is my favorite because I feel that a guy's place is at the foot of a hard working woman who is on her feet all day, or in this case, on the foot. I hope to see a few more dead-beat guys turned into black high heels.