"Now i know your both a little scared about whats going to happen next, but dont worry. I take pretty good care of my shoes".
"I know you're leaving behind your old lives to serve me, and that it's all so new to you both.. Just think of it this way, from now on you have one task , and thats to make my feet look pretty- there, can you see how easy things are from now on?"
"I'm going to put you on now, try not to scream for too long, I have to get my nails done in an hour and I dont want to be late."


Tran said...

What I like about this one is how caring her words seem to be, while at the same time telling them how torturous their new lives will be and showing much she, really, doesn't give a dang. Nice one!

Squidonhead said...

Thanks Tran! That was exactly what I was going for!