Deb turned her head to her best freind Cynthia and said
"...And there was a knock on my door,
and when I answered it all I found was a box"
"Was there a return adress?"
"No... just a plain brown box with a picture of a squid on it,
anyway, when I opened it there was this Buttery soft Leather Pencil skirt!!
I put it right on!
"It looks great on you Deb- much better than any leather I've ever found"
"I know! according to the lable, the brand is "LEATHER LUV"
...I've never heard of it before but I'll be looking for it now"

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Squidon,for this beautiful photo of me.
This is leatherluv,and heres my story
I knocked on Squidon's door and asked her to change me into a butterysoft leather pencil skirt,and she did.
I thought she would keep me as her very own,but she didn't.She stuffed me a box and gave me to one of her female neighbors.She was very happy receiving the gift.So much so, that she(Deb)immediately wore me and showed me off to her best friend.
I hope she wears me often, rather than be hanging around in her closet all the time.