It happened several (SHEESH!) years ago. I had an idea for a group on Yahoo groups. Being the kind of girl who secretly gets off on forcing men into service i had a wild little fantasy of physically changing people into items in my wardrobe. One second a successful store owner
-ZAP!- the next second my high heeled shoe. One second a studio executive -ZAP!- the next second a tube of lipstick destined for an existence at the bottom of my purse.
I know, pretty freaky, pretty strange..hey! it's a fantasy.
So while I'm thinking about this group my boyfreind at the time is in the other room changing his shirt and he's left me in his livingroom with the TV on. A cartoon is on. A G.I. Joe animated movie where one of the bad guys has sprayed another bad guy with some chemical mixture. The sprayed bad guy turns ito a giant snake!

This man/snake slithers through the rest of the movie chanting the mantra "Once I Was A Man" over and over. He does it in a voice that sounds tortured, surprized and regretful all at the same time. "Once I Was A Man".
I thought if i just forced some poor sap into magically changing into my panties or handbag or bottle of eyeliner- he would probably be chanting "Once I Was A Man" in the exact same way.
(I imagine the words coming from the skirt I'm wearing now and i can feel my heart beat faster!)
So i started a group and posted some captioned pictures of objects that were once people and i found that i wasnt alone ! Thousands of people joined the group! Lots of them posted their pictures and stories!
I found that we object transformation fetishists are abundant, creative and enthusiastic about sharing our ideas!

Now I've started this BLOG. I am new to the idea of BLOGGING but i hope with the help of my members I can make this version of our concept as entertaining and fun as any of the yahoo groups ever were!

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